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    play arenas
    play some more arenas
    more arenas
    this, this and more of this.

    Most importantly because of your class, practicing Arena and learning how to react to what other people is doing is key. It doesn't matter so much for other classes, but as a Mage you are the main source of damage.. so getting kicked on your frost tree during all your cooldowns is pretty shit. So is getting kicked on frost and then getting oneshot because you're over extending and can't block.

    It'll all come with experience and watching better players.

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    i don't know my partner's CC capabilities so we end up CCing the same target and wasting DR's and CDs...
    First things first, communicate, if communication is a problem with you and your partner with CC's or w/e else i suggest going into a game and saying ''announce a CC 2-3 seconds before you cast it'' and the same with burst say like (im guessing your frsot?) ''i have a deep in 5seconds, are you ok for me to burst or shall i CC with it to help peel''

    little things like this make a big difference inside arena (and BG's tbh)

    which healer do you play with and which DPS ? its hard to give pointers without knowing your set-up.

    which server do you play on? if its stormscale EU hit me up - Drixar - mage / Wackamole - monk i'll be happy to give you some pointers so would a few of my team mates none of us rage and we always help each other out.

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    Outland EU Alliance

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    I consider myself an amateur PvPer. I mean I love it, but I'll never be awesome. Having said that, I learned a lot by watching youtube videos of my class/spec. It was to see different team setups, typically strategies and so on.

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