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    Looking to come back to the game - haven't played since WoTLK

    And I need to know one thing, as I am installing the game on an old laptop of mine: how big is the game folder with all expacs installed (including Pandaria and all its patches).


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    Prepare to go through the crapfest of Cataclysm...which you get to miss all the end game content. Now, when you finish up through cataclysm and start the MoP content, find youself an andventurer supplies vendor. There you will get a nice set of gear that will get you caught up if you have any low gear.

    In terms of the size of the game file, they condense a lot of files. I would say have 30+ gigs available when you install it but it will end up condensing to about 20 gigs.

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    Don't bump threads, which is fairly pointless if you're the last poster anyway as it won't bump a thing.

    It's about 20gb after everything is installed, not counting screenshots and addon data. Mine is 21.7gb

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    Sorry about the bump, I'm a bit of an impatient tit at times :3

    Both of you, thanks for the info

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