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    That is are not supposed to understand or love everything.

    Reality TV, hell...watching TV in generally..obsession with that is sth I can't understand. Then again I love games. Now THAT is an obsession that others cannot understand.
    I don't like sports, but I'd watch them over most "reality" TV in a heartbeat. I do love games too, but that said...I don't particularly desire to watch other people play them, either(I don't really care about watching progression guilds downing a boss, or streams from high ranked PvP players anymore than I care to watch the Cowboys or the Rangers play a game)

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    I don't understand watching sports as well. Only if you're betting on the teams for money, that's okay. But in any other case - I'd rather play myself, than watch. Watching sports is like watching paint dry imo.

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    Me neither. Why would I want to watch other people doing sports? I'd rather just do sports myself.

    Sitting together with friends to watch a game while having a beer can be a lot of fun, though, but that can be said about any form of entertainment.
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    I watch esports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Does that mean you also never will be interested in..say...raiding unless wiping on a boss makes your monitor explodes in YOUR face? Not interested in school and learning unless failing a test allows the teacher to bludgeon you with dull instruments...etc etc?
    in fairness the interactivity is a large part of the merit of something like raiding, I certainly wouldn't want to watch somebody else do it

    sports viewership can be difficult to explain, generally when someone is dedicated to it it is because they have invested time and accrued an interest in a team, I pretty much grew up a Dodger fan, everybody else was Dodger fans, sports have drama, unscripted drama, but you don't really appreciate it unless you have some vested interest in who wins or loses, and the majority of people in this thread do not have that interest, it doesn't come over night usually

    this is one of the reasons I don't get too interested in soccer/futbol except for international competitions, since I have no investment or interest in LA Galaxy, but USA or Mexico is a different story

    having an interest in the Lakers or the Clippers or the Galaxy is just as foreign to me as sports interest is to other posters, it usually has to start someplace and then grow, so it can be difficult to understand until you're there

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    Obsession with sports, obsession with WoW, obsession with gaming.

    They are all sides of the same coin


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    In America, Sports enthusiasm is tradition. It's a common bond and common ground between men. You're all part of the same club.
    Kind of like Beer, playing cards, Fishing,talking about mechanical things, Cars,'s like this expected thing that you'll be in that club. You're better off with it than without, in my opinion, because it's a part of being able to relate through tradition.

    I'm not big on any of that either, and I find myself the odd man out when in a group discussing the sport of their choice, but I don't begrudge anyone for that. It's part of the culture.

    With all the big dollars these ball players make these days, that's why you don't see team loyalty very much any more. They all have a rockstar mentality, so the loyalty is to the dollar.

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