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    Pandaren Monk
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    I see no reason for it to go onto tv when I think all it needs is to have stable streams to be in a perfect position

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    Nope, E-sports is boring and I barely watch TV anyway.

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    Watching a good SC2 game for me beats half the crap TV churns out these days.

    But to be honest I'm one of those guys who haven't watched TV in years. I mean I mostly use it to put on music or entertain guests or play Wii on it or watch downloaded movies.

    Also Consoles like Xbox and PS need to go die in a fire.
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    Brewmaster juzalol's Avatar
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    I would certainly watch, but I highly doubt that e-sport events will be televised anytime soon.

    Scheduling an e-sport event for TV would be a nightmare. a best of 3 game can last anything
    from 30 minutes to 3 hours. If e-sport events hit the TV in a big way at some point then they
    are probably casted from replays. This could be possible with some sort of big championship league
    lasting through the year.

    I think that e-sports as a spectator are the most exciting when watching a live event. These big
    events will probably stay at streaming the content instead of televising it.

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    The High Seraph Iliyra's Avatar
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    I'd rather watch SCII games on TV 24/7 than any other my opinion, it's a LOT more entertaining.
    But then again, there really isn't any need to broadcast it on television - streams are absolutely sufficient.

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    The Lightbringer
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    sure, doing so i wouldn't waste my whole bandwidth watching the stream in 1080p
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    I am Murloc! New sauce boy's Avatar
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    Watch other people play video games.....yeah sounds awesome.

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    I find esports to be utterly boring to watch. Same with watching poker.

    So no, I would not watch a channel like that.

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    Yes, Id for sure watch it, aslong as they keept a decent variety off games played.

    Also I wouldent want it spammed with commercials every 15 mins, then I would prolly never watch it.
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    Pit Lord aztr0's Avatar
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    No thanks. Boring.

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    Depends what.

    Like with real sport, there are those enjoyable to watch (boxing, soccer, rugby, basketball), and those that make you scratch your head thinking "why is this even on TV?" (tennis, curling, golf, baseball). This is subjective opinion of course, and by saying some sports aren't enjoyable to watch I don't mean that they are not enjoyable to play. I love tennis

    The thing is, I'd love to watch Counter Strike, Call of Duty, even World of Warcraft, but currently e-sports seem to be mostly about LoL and DotA, sometimes Starcraft - and I find those extremly boring. So, I vote yes - because some of those sports can be very enjoyable to watch even for a non-gamer. Watching CoD matches is like watching a real-time war game

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    No, I'd rather just watch it on a computer.

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    There used to be a gaming channel around here, not really "esports" but it showed games and people playing them and some pvp stuff.

    It got cancelled.
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    I don't really follow them, but I sometimes watch them on my computer. If they had a dedicated TV network (common ESPN, you have 7 networks for "real" sport, just add an eighth for gaming. ESPN the OCHO), I would definitely watch. Competitive COD, SC2, TF2, Total war battles, etc... on my big screen with professional commentary would be great.

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    Scarab Lord Zhangfei's Avatar
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    Quite possibly - it'd be the ideal "background noise" kind of channel for when I'm gaming. Basically look up whenever something exciting happens.
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    The only thing I have ever watched was CS 1.6. I would never watch any online games on TV.

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    I don't really watch t.v. normally, but if there was an eSports channel with LoL and SC2 coverage, I'd definately watch it!

    There must be a market for it. I think Korea already broadcast big matches and LoL has stream numbers of of over 200k concurrent at big competitions. Maybe in the coming years we might see ESPN etc take it on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathandira View Post
    It depends, I would not watch a Sports game, a FPS, and RTS or MOBA game. But I might actually watch Forza if it were presented as an E-Sport. Out of each of these examples, I think Forza trumps them all in skill requirement. Between Physical Upgrades to the car, Tuning, track knowledge, timing and situational awareness, i think Forza beats all the other genres.

    This is my opinion, not claiming fact.
    oh plz, buy a real simulator ...

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    For sure, Sky showed a gaming tournament a few years and it was great.
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    I wouldn't watch it on TV, but if there was some convenient internet service, ala Netflix, that provided diverse e-sports coverage in a well-presented format, that allowed me to watch the particular games that I was interested in when it suited me, I would subscribe to that service, if it weren't outrageously expensive and it was sufficiently superior to current online - and free - alternatives.
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