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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    If you actually read the bottom paragraph, You'd see that I actually was on topic..............
    "If there was an E-Sports channel equivalent to ESPN would you watch it? What games would you like to see? And what kinds of shows might be interesting enough to draw in non-gamers?

    If there were an E-sports channel on television, it would be the only thing on my television ever.... well except when I'm playing my own video games. My personal favorite E-sport is Starcraft 2, but I also think League of Legends and Call of Duty would do well too. For programs other than live games, I think stuff like Day[9]'s Funday Monday would be fairly entertaining."

    Did he ask if you thought e-sport = sport?

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    Sorry I would rather be playing a video game than watching someone else play it.

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    Yes, depends on the game but there is a few I would watch.

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    i would watch it brings back memories of the tech tv when it was fresh and new would love to see some type of partnership between twitch/tech tv would be awsome id call it TWITCH

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    I would watch some SC2 matches now and again.

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    Generally speaking, you can watch free streams of most games online. And that's due to the fact that its a game and not a sport. Financially, your average sport grosses far more sponsors than any esport. Additionally, I would like to add that usually, chess is not considered a sport. Its a hobby/talent/skill (and thats not me talking, that would be your average admissions board or sports commission). Sports require physical exertion.

    That is not to say that I hate chess, in fact I love it and practice it often (more of a go fan though as I prefer the territory speculation). Also, sports function under a set of rules to which physical aptitude decides the outcome. Alternatively, esports function with set rules and set pieces, not unlike other mediums for mental challenges. Essentially:

    sport = biological outcome
    esport = funs with math and strategy (and I use the term esport loosely)

    So both areas have their place and enjoyment. But really, putting esports onto a station constantly just is not a good use of airtime. Or planning tbh (I would argue less and less people are watching television in leu of digital outlets).

    Those are just my two cents.

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    I'd watch real sports that include athletics.

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    No. I don't see the point in watching other people play games.
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    I get bored of watching people play games on youtube so why would I want to watch it on tv?

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    No. I don't watch them on the net so I certainly wouldn't watch them on my television.

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    Eh, maybe if there's nothing else to watch and I just happen to come across it while flipping channels and it just so happens to be a game I play.

    And probably just for a few minutes until I get bored and keep changing channels.
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    Probably not. I don't think it's something that needs to come to television. It's audience is already a group that uses computers more than they probably watch TV. I also can't see them cut from a good SC2 match to take a commercial break. It would ruin the entire match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbadbrawler View Post
    you can have a game of tennis, because tennis is NOT a game its a SPORT you idiot.. You cant have a game of wow because wow is a game you idiot. Seee the difference now that i spelled it out for you idiot?
    Pfahahahahahahahahahaha. I felt my IQ smashing the floor after I read this.

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    No i wouldn't, it's quite boring to watch.

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    I vote no because they shouldn't be on the TV. I would not watch it on purpose in hopes of boycotting the idea and then watch it online if I wanted to.

    They belong on the internet, worldwide, without need of broadcasting on multiple channels across multiple countries and then possibly expecting people to have bought a specific channel to watch it. (Because it's not exactly going to be on a mainstream channel that everyone has)

    Most people seem to just be stating whether or not they would watch an Esport. Which is not what the question is asking. Because I watch Esports occasionally, but I would not watch it on TV. Who the fuck even watches TV, especially someone who actually watches Esports.
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    Though I'd love to see the people involved making something lucrative out of it, the commercialism required for that to happen would just kill it for me. is more than enough for me, anyway.

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    Would I watch e-sports? No. I don't watch TV as is, anyway.

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    If we have a bunch of dudes with basic school studies running behind a ball and hitting it... sure, why not.

    To be honest, I don't really care, I barely turn on my TV

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    I don't own a TV since all I need is a computer.

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    Since I don't accept video games as being a sport to begin with.

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