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    PvP comps

    I haven´t played Dk this season and I´m in need of other opinions.
    Next season I´ll play with some friends, a Rschaman and a Feral/Rogue.
    My Question is if Dk plays well with a Rschami and a Feral or Rogue.
    This season and maybe a prediction if it will be good 5.2. Or would it be way better if I play my hunter.
    I don´t mind playing Frost or Unholy, like both.

    Thanks in advance

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    UH DK/Feral/Rshammy works well.

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    DK/Rogue next season will be pretty sick, same with hunter/feral.

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    mm dk/hunter, dk warrior, not sure if dk rogue works, it never did (other than s9?).. unless rogues become the new warrior

    dk/feral works too

    yeah, unholy, frost is for bads
    "We live in a world where a style of play that uses posession and passing to try and make spaces is made fun of.
    While a style of play where a team sits back for 90 minutes and breaks away in 1v1 situations is respected."
    - Ronald Koeman.

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