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    I dont play MMORPGS atm due to real life, but I've played quite the number of them. Kinda like a bad habit of mine. But no matter which MMO I play, I find something in it that makes that MMO unique to me and always draws me back.

    Kinda have a nerd dream to have a youtube channel for ALL my MMORPGs. Well here is my list of played/want to play and what I love about each one-

    1) Guild Wars 2- Gotta love that combat, PvP, and the Guardian ROCKS!!
    2) RIFT- Love the soul system.
    3) Lord of the Rings Online- I have never seen a more beautiful world (huge tolkien nerd), plus Captains rock and you know it
    4) Warhammer Online- My Squig Herder, what a funny class. And RvR with Brittish goblins.
    5) Age of Conan- Combat is fun, and slicing heads is even better
    6) Dungeon & Dragons Online- Dungeons dungeons dungeons and..DUNGEONS!
    7) World of Warcraft- Feral Druid spec (esp in WotLK).
    8) Allods Online- I love the art, and the feel of the game. Plus Gibberlings? Yes please.
    9) AION- Flying (more-so glidding) was very fun, great music. Love the art
    10) Star Wars: The Old Republic- Badass bounty-hunter FWT~~!

    Wanna Play
    11) Tera- Can't wait for pvp in this game.
    12) The Elder Scrolls Online- What can I say? I'm intrigued.
    13) Wildstar- Wierdest new MMO coming out, gotta try it.
    14) Neverwinter Online- GET TO MAKE MY OWN DUNGEONS, WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!! (cough) I'm calm.
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    Guild Wars 2
    DC Universe
    Rift here and there
    bout it, will add ES:O on there when it's released of course.

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    Recently, the only MMO I've logged on to is GW2. I'll try out Tera in a few days though.

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    None right now. I've got my eye on several upcoming MMO's. WildStar, TESO, EQ:Next. Especially TESO, since the PvP system sounds awesome. No instanced PvP, 3 sided RvR with territory control and the ability to buy new skills with PvP points. If WoW had a PvP system like that, I wouldn't have quit.

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    World of Warcraft and occasionally DC Universe Online. WoW alts take a lot of my time.

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    I've tried most of so called mainstream MMORPG's, but currently I'm playing only WoW (very casually, only on one character, doing LFR and Dailies mostly) and Eve Online with 3 accounts, in a Player Corp doing weekly Mining Ops and PvE missions by myself.
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    this week istalled again Lotro, since I had pre-ordered the expansion and now is time to play it after all also I log in wow to run Black temple with my rogue to get the head from Illidan (3 months now...)
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    Gw2 mainly, not even playing that much tbh.

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    Only WoW at the moment. But going to download Tera once it goes free to play.
    I do miss playing Rift, but don't wsnt to pay for a monthly fee for Wow and another game.

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    wow, eve, and lots of other games from time to time -----> my Game Community

    Booterang Game Community

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    Tera online, EVE online, SWTOR, FLYFF, WoW, Rift, Gw2, Planetside 2, World of Tanks and Wakfu.

    Tera: Have been a subscriber since it got out, and will continue until it goes F2P. Love it's combat mechanics, though hate it's grindy nature.

    EVE online: PVP with a Faction/T2 fitted Legion with a few Incursions done here and there, basically f2p for me now.

    Swtor: Testing F2p, likely to quit at the end of next week (Just finishing up Sith Inquisitor line)

    FLYFF: Been playing this for far to long, getting hard to quit.

    WoW: Same as above.

    Rift: I find it likely that I'll drop this game soon. I'm getting bored of it.

    Gw2: Love this game to death. Jumping Puzzles and PVP all day, erryday.

    Planetside 2: Lovely game about shooting people. A lot of people. Can't stop playing it.

    World of Tanks: Still fun ramming people with a KV-5, sniping with a SU-100 or running around folks with a AMX 13 90

    Wakfu: Just testing the game out basically.

    And if people are wondering, no, I don't really have a lot of time on my hands. Basically 2 hours a day is all I can manage for gaming, but I love variety.
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    WoW, planetside 2 and sometimes GW2.

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    Only one: World of Warcraft. I used to play Ultima Online and I actually still have an active account never missing a single month of payments.. but I don't play it.

    Ohh yeah... how bout them guild wars? I tried it and gave away my upgraded account for free.

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    Got so bored of wow and most of mmo's, cept aion, it has pulled me back into that old mmo formula that i have missed so much, the hard work!

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    Planetside2 only, but I got limited gametime. It's a really fun game, me and my bf rock around in the magrider stirring things up for vanu :P And lots of interesting things coming for that game as well this year, can't wait to see what that will be all about =)

    GW2 is on shelf, might dust it off when they get their shit together for spvp, but they are taking their time =) But no rush really atm, I just hope they can manage to bring the pvp players back when things are ready.

    Otherwise Im waiting for Archeage, and if they make it some sweet f2p-model I will play it for sure, subfee it might take longer before I try it out and will be more depending on overall views if I do. Hope Trion make their best choices of business model =)
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    SWTOR I love it.
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    I tried every "main" mmorpg's on the market even those F2P but Atm i'm playing wow, and mist of pandaria is better than Cataclysm and Wotlk imo.

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    Tried out SW:TOR for a little while during a boring interim period between Cata and MoP... but ironically, it only made me miss playing WoW that much more:

    "That was pretty cool... but it would have been cooler on my warrior."

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    Age of Wushu
    Darkfall: Unholy Wars
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    Anyway, if you don't already see where I'm going with this, allow me to spell it out: the only meaningful MMORPG "endgame" -- i.e., something novel to do after the progression process is over -- is that of the sandbox.

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    TOR, WoW atm.
    Others that I still follow regularly (news etc.) but play only maybe a week every 3-6 months - Runescape, LotRO, DDO.

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