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    Oct 2011
    Scarlet Devil Mansion
    GW2 and Tera tomorrow since it goes F2P
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    Only GW2.

    Since you asked for MMOs I should mention some Click-here-and-there-Flash MMOs like
    - Dungeon Overlord and
    - The Last Stand: Dead Zone
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    Vancouver, BC
    Used to play Runescape before switching to WoW. Haven't touched any others.

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    Oct 2009
    WoW and probaly Tera tomorrow when it's F2P.. I'm very excited for Wildstar though.
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    None at the moment. WoW exhausted my interest in MMOs for a while. Tried a ton of others, never played them for long.

    I'm waiting for a new, exciting concept before I dive into the genre again.

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    World of Warcraft
    The Old Republic
    Guild Wars 2

    Though in actual fact I don't play any of them right now, I last played WoW at the start of december and for a brief time after its release I played (and enjoyed) Guild Wars 2. I think I'm just burned out on the ammount of time and effort needed to play them at a worthwhile level. When you live a busy life and you want to do things, playing an MMO can quickly eat up the hours and you find your dedication to other things suffers as a result.

    Being a longtime member of a progression raiding guild in WoW, and being a very competant player I always felt the pressure from other players to raid and put in a lot of time, which did get in the way of real life things, eventually I just had to phase out playing it from a necessity. The same happened in Cataclysm, and though I enjoyed and wanted to play MOP, it became apparent that I wasn't able to keep up the game efforts without seriously affecting my real life.

    So I don't play any MMO's at the moment.
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    WoW, GW2 and TSW at the moment.

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    None right now - having some serious MMO downtime. Previously was playing WoW, TSW, TERA and FFXI. I still have them all installed, but I've ended my subs on WoW, TSW and TERA. I'd recently reactivated my FFXI sub, but I'm not actively raiding or even questing on it atm - it was more just to see what some old friends were upto and what was going on in game.

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    Jun 2011
    Scotland. Freedom and So on.
    GW2 and Planetside 2.

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    Aug 2011
    St. Petersburg
    I'm gonna be one of those useless posters who say 0 but I used to play wow untill i got bored, gw2 untill i realised it sucks.

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    Feb 2009
    In my own mind
    SWTOR, WoW, EQ2, and LoTRO when I have time.

    Aion - I played this for the first time last week. I'm loving it so far.

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    In a Galaxy far... far...
    TERA, SWTOR, WoW...

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    i do play just GW 2 i stop with WoW after 6 years...not interesting anymore for me...Waiting for TESO

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    Im playing WoW until mid Feb when my sub ends. /Snif Just wondering what mmo's ex WoW arena pvp'ers play after WoW?

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    Kyiv, Ukraine
    i played WoW, LOTRO, Allods

    currently playing WoW and World of Tanks

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    Mar 2009
    Only WoW atm, but have played them all .. been in the mmo scene since 1999

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    World of Warcraft
    Allods Online
    Star Trek Online
    Star Wars The Old Republic
    Lord of the Rings Online

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    Ultima Online

    Does anyone even play that anymore?? hahaha

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    Eve - about to hit the 200m sp club
    World of tanks - Dont play pubs just CWs, gotta help keep the massive gold income going

    Quit wow in Jan. after 8 years. Played several closed beta's for many games over the last 5 or 6 years, none were that great.

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