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    Give Fireball a Purpose in PvP

    It puzzles me how such a core Fire Mage ability has pretty much zero use in PvP. I can understand cooldowns and situational abilities, but its awkward for such a core ability to be completely neglected in PvP.

    Blizzard should do something about it and integrate it into the 'rotation' for PvP.

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    frosbolt has almost no use too.

    Despite frost being "the" pvp spec for almost the entire game. Fireball has almost never been used by fire pvp other than after having sheeped someone. It pretty hard to be able to make some use of such a long casting spell..

    Fire has always been burst/mobility but squishy, I don't think its gonna change soon..

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    Being unable to cast due to interrupts ≠ not being viable in pvp.
    Besides, there are better options regardless of any change that could be done to this spell.

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    So do you mainly just cast lots of scorch? Im pretty new to mage pvp for MoP

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    Fire's problem is getting procs dispelled instantly against any competent player and the fact that most of the damage requires the enemy to be in a deep freeze.

    Who cares about fire ball?
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    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chutamango View Post
    So do you mainly just cast lots of scorch? Im pretty new to mage pvp for MoP
    That was true, patch 5.2 is gonna change this. maybe.

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