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    The consoles will be about 500 taxes in. I envision that prices will go way down if games are bound to your console like the rumors are saying. Al tho I am against not being able to lend my friend a game to play and beat it, the reason games cost so much is to make up for those instances not getting money back from resales. If this ends up happening new games should not cost more than 39.99 which would be amazing and I would not give shit if the games were bound.
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    i dont think the production costs do go up that much either.. but they will use this excuse for charging more or keeping games priced the same as now. There is no way games will get cheaper on console networks.
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    If it has no backwards compatability and they go ahead with the plan to make it never play used games then i doubt any1 will buy it,consoles coming out too frequent for me,iv only just got a PS3 a few months ago i aint made of money!

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