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    my affli stats


    Please give me advice on what you think I should much HIT, Haste and MASTERY?

    I know I had a hit cap of 15% and a minimum of 4717 haste and apparently the most recommended master.

    In my Gear is difficult reforged, gems ...

    Please advice how to do this?


    My armory :

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    Well at the moment you seem to be at 4697 haste, so I'd at least reforge till you hit the 4717 mark, since you are so close. Being close to it, but below it, does not give you most of the benefit, it still gives you the same number of ticks.

    As to what to do exactly, well we can't tell you that, you need to do stuff like that yourself, or you'd be back here with every new piece of gear asking what you should do.

    I suggest getting an addon like reforgelite or similar if you have trouble knowing what to reforge from what and to hit caps you need. Don't hang yourself up on getting AND hitcap AND 4717 haste AND a shit load of Mastery. Finding a comprimise, by going below 15% hit OR going down to 4198 haste OR being lower on Mastery, is perfectly o.k. at your gear level.

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    Also, if you like to know which stat is better for you at any given point, get some experience using Simcraft, its a valuable tool, and you should be able to use it if you want to minmax.
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