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    [Minecraft Tekkit] A few questions about Tekkit and plugins/mods

    Hey guys!

    A few friends and I recently bought a minecraft server and we're accessing the server through an online program which works pretty well. But I can't seem to get any mods to work. I got something called "Chainsaw" which removes an entire tree with one block remove. It appears to be there. The in game menu works. But the effect does not.

    Anyways... am I forgetting to do something for this to work?
    And do any of you know of a nice repair addon? Something which does it automatically would be perfect. We played on another server a while back running regular Minecraft and that addon was amazing. But now, I can't get it to work and I'm getting really tired of trying.

    I feel like an idiot but I thought I would ask.

    Kindest regards,
    Ghetto los beast

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    The item in question is from Industrialcraft 2. It doesn't actually cut down an entire tree in one go. That's from an addon called Treecapitator. You can setup treecapitator to work with the chainsaw though, it may already with the latest version.

    You must also charge the chainsaw up with energy. To do that you'll need to start constructing the machines from Industrialcraft.

    As for something that just "makes everything work", Tekkit should be configured for everything to work correctly as is.

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