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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown free giveaway until Oct. 24


    As part of the 32nd Golden Joystick Awards, Green Man Gaming is giving away XCOM: Enemy Unknown for FREE to voters. Players who finish the tutorial in XCOM: Enemy Unknown will also get an 80% discount voucher for Enemy Within (good until Oct. 31st).

    Here's what you need to do: Register accounts on Green Man Gaming and Computer and Video Games. GMG is sponsoring the awards, CVG is where the actual voting takes place. You'll need to have an account on CVG so that GMG can verify which e-mail you voted with, and then your GMG account will need to be linked to your Steam account. You MUST use the same e-mail for the promotion that you voted with! Assuming everything goes smoothly, you'll then be sent an e-mail with your CD-key which can be activated via Steam. I had no problems getting this to work, but I've heard from some friends that the site is currently under heavy load, so it may take some time for your CD-key to arrive.

    Terms and conditions apply.


    This promotion only lasts from Monday 13th October 2014 to Friday 24th October 2014 at 11:59 GMT.

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    Looks like you can get the coupon if you get the tutorial completion achievement OR play for an hour. Great for people who already owned the game and want to buy the xpac.
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    I'd say which version but i have both. Damn why they always give away games i already own. I hate paying for shit. :P

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    Thank you for this! Just got my key

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    Thank you very much for telling me this. I'm not a fan of turn based strategy games.... but a free game is a free game :P
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    LOL already gone.

    Excuse me, are you saying something? Nah, you can't tell me nothing

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    i just got a code so they arent gone yet
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