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    Raid Leading

    Im curious as to why the majority of people shy away from raid leading role and others thrive? I am the raid leader of my guild, a small, really casual (6 hours a week) group of mostly real life friends who have been raiding together since wotlk and as i love the role.

    I am asking this, because yesterday before we started our msv run, i told my group that i wanted someone else to raid lead just for fun and i was somewhat surprised to find out that no one in the group was willing to step up and lead the raid. I could understand no one wanting the responsibility in a large setting or with a group of strangers, but in a group of friends who have been raiding for 3 years or so together it really struck me as odd.

    So, why do you like/dislike the role of raid leading?

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    they dont want care about the others dont know what other roles have to do in fights.
    why me when someone else can do the work?
    they want watch TV or something like that.

    just my experience

    cheers KlumbStar!

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    Your approach was wrong, you can't drop a large responcibility in front of everyone right before going into a raid and expect it to be fun for the person who ends up doing it. It also sounds like you are saying, "Hey just for shits and giggles how about someone else do what I do?" That may not be what you meant but that is what they hear.

    A proper approach would be to ask if anyone would like to run the *next* raid night after you finish the current raid. That you need a break for one night, or you wanted to see if anyone would like the opportunity to do so. "Just for fun" does not exactly sound like its for my fun but rather yours.

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    As someone who began raid leading in MoP , but was on the side lines in the rest of the expansions I can understand that. A raid leader must always be aware of what other people are doing , constantly be aware of boss mechanics and know every aspect of a tactic. Other raiders , usually in casual guilds , prefer not to mind themselves with all of that and just do their specific job.
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    Alot of people are lazy and just don't want to, good or bad thats there choice, I have found you have to get people used to taking the lead occationly then they get more used to it, its raider training like everything else.

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    I'll go with what's been expressed a couple times above and say it's because your average raider has, at best, only a vague idea what everyone else is supposed to be doing.

    For example, back in Vanilla I helped coordinate raids. And long after we had Shazzrah on farm, I would have to spend time before the pull moving around the room and hopping up and down saying "Group 1 and 2 here.... Group 3 and 4 here.... Group 5 and 6 here.... Group 7 and 8 here." Even though I put the same groups in the same relative positions every time. And every time I would have 30+ people not sure where to go and wait for me to tell them. This wasn't even a role specific thing. Just check which group you were in and 1/2 on this end, 7/8 on that end, 3/4 and 5/6 between them in an arc. Boss gets pulled to the middle.

    Naturally, if you offer up the opportunity to raid lead at the start of the raid, no one's going to take it. They know they don't know enough about what everyone is supposed to be doing. If you offered up the chance to raid lead the next week, maybe you'll have someone volunteer and spend the week studying up on everything.

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