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    Looking for a new MMO

    Hey I'm looking for a new MMO. I just finished this anime called Sword Art Online and i'm not going to be unrealistic and ask for an MMO like a virtual MMO in a fictional anime, but it did respark my love for MMO's. Like many I played WoW and like many now I don't. I also played and reached end game level in Swtor and Gw2 but it just didn't hold my interest once I reached the level cap in both games. I'm pretty open to any suggestions, whether it's released or due for a 2013 release just to keep my eye on. Like I said open to all suggestions but something with an interesting combat system would be nice, I'm not sure if there's a term for what I mean but something not so easy and boring of like just auto-attacks, maybe not so gear based like WoW, and as far as pvp only thing I can compare to what I like is Dark Souls, like small battles to the death between 1-4 players. These are pretty specific but I guess they're more preferences than standards. But anyway all suggestions are appreciated and welcomed. Thanks.


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