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    Searching for an MMORPG that can be fun without being forced into endgame

    Hello, I've recently quit WoW for the hundredth, and I feel final, time. I don't have the time to raid anymore with unpredictable work hours and I've only PvPed with a couple of friends and don't really want to PvP with a stranger. Not to mention the community has been declining. I'm pretty into the typical medieval fantasy games. I'm looking for a game that's fun, but doesn't force me into scheduled events for full enjoyment of the game. A good community is pretty important to me as well, as socializing is a pretty big part of games for me. I've been playing D3 recently, but the challenge is gone and the community is hardly existent. I tried GW2, but got bored, I may try it again. Any suggestions would be great. F2P or P2P doesn't matter to me, as long as there isn't pay to win.

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