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    [A] <Party Grenade> 3/16 H 7p-10p CST LF Hunter/DK/Mage

    <Party Grenade> is a 10m raiding guild on US - Sargeras (PvP). We are currently recruiting the following classes/roles for our core raid group:

    -Hunter or Mage/ Spriest
    -DK tank with viable dps off-spec

    Raid times/days: Tues/Wed/Thurs 7pm-10pm CST

    We are currentlly 3/16 Heroic as a guild and continuing our heroic progression through HoF and MSV.

    What we are looking for in our applicants:

    - Great attendance/consistency
    - Knowledge of class and fight mechanics
    - Great performance and awareness
    - A clean armory audit and raiding professions
    - Prefer similar raid experience, especially regarding heroic boss fights.

    About Us:

    -We are a tight-nit skilled group of friends progressing through current raid content while its relevant, though we are not pushing server first, our goal as a guild is to complete raid content in a timely fashion.
    -We are looking for players who will fit into our family of goofballs and who will also be able to raid at a level that will allow us to continue progression at a good pace. We have a lot of fun but we also get serious when its time to kill fire breathing pixels.
    -We prefer 18+ as our environment is nothing short of adult in nature.

    Any other question, comments, or concerns you can contact me ingame via my battletag Tinyz#1219 website: partygrenade.enjin.com
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    Update, we are currently looking for a Shadow Priest as well. We will consider any non-paladin tank but prefer DK.

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    To the top, LF Mage/Spriest/DK tank/dps!

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