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    [H] Fallency 10 - Al'Akir. 11/16HC.

    About Fallency:

    We're a semi-hardcore guild from Al'Akir(EU) that was formed 2010 during the BWD and BoT as a casual raiding guild. During Dragon Soul we decided to start raiding abit more serious, aiming for a higher rank on the server. The guild was formed on Haomarush and we transfered to Al'Akir before dragon soul was released. However, during Dragon Soul we climbed from being a casual raiding guild to on of the higher ranked guilds on the server and we reached 8/8heroic in DS rather fast. And now during mist we've climbed even higher on the server! We're also a very friendly and open guild!

    Raiding Info

    During raids we're using TS3 as communication and we have an private server.
    We're raiding 4 times a week from 19:30 - 23:00. The days are currently Wednesday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.
    We are using Loot-Council as loot system. That means that the raid leader and the two officers will decide who will get the loot.


    As we said, we're a semi-hardcore guild that are looking for new, fresh players for our team! More info about recruiting, continue reading!

    Mogu'chan Vaults: 6/6 Heroic
    Heart of Fear: 4/6 Heroic
    Terrance of Eternal Autumn: 1/4 Heroic

    Wowprogress HERE - http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/eu/al-akir


    What we need for our team right now is a ranged dps - either Boomkin, Mage or a Warlock. And a Discipline Priest.

    For more info, you can visit our website and read about us! You can find it here ----> http://www.fallency.enjin.com/

    What do we expect from you!

    - We're expecting focusing during raids. Own food and flasks and perhaps some feasts to support the team!
    - We do expect totally focus during bosses. Also be up to date about your class and the currently bosses that we're progressing on.
    - Also, if you slack with enchants, gems or just generally. You might have to sit out or even not get loot.

    What you can expect from us!

    - A steady team with alot of TS activity during both trash and bosses.
    - A social guild that is always friendly!
    - The gm's and officers will always give you the answers you're looking for about the guild. The officer team is small but complex!


    Are you interested in this guild?
    Please visit our website to find more info and apply to our guild.
    You can also find the officers online on Al'Akir on these characters: Lehvin, Kylona, Cordeliia & Curinto.


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    12/16 Heroics down.

    Recruitment open for:

    Shadow and Disc Priest, Boomkin, Warlock, Elemental - so basically a ranged caster.

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