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    PROVOKED @ Darksorrow recruiting a ROGUE, 10 man 7/16 Heroic

    Provoked was created after merging 3 x 10man guilds, TT, sequence and anointed. We took the best players from these 3 guilds and made Provoked. Before the merge we had one heroic kill between us. But in the 3 weeks since we have killed 6 heroic bosses and cleared ToES. We hope to continue with this speed of progress and become one of the top guilds on our server. We are currently recruiting a skilled / geared rogue.

    Our raid times are sun, Mon, Wed and thurs 19.30 - 23.00

    What we want from you:

    Best Gems, enchants, Flasks, pots etc

    Be on time for raids and not need to leave early

    TS3 and a mic ( yes you need to speak )

    Know how to play your class to its max

    Know how to keep yourself alive.

    Be prepared!

    If this sounds like you and your interested you can apply here www provoked-guild com (put a . in the spaces)
    If you got any questions contact me in game, Fahrenheit on Darksorrow (Battle Tag Fahrenheit#2378)

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    8/16 heroic, still looking a rogue

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    Another raid, Another kill, Windlord and Will Of The Emperor down this reset. Still looking a skilled / geared Rogue.

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