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    Warriors & Monks PvP Help

    Hello fellow hunters. Just getting back from a long break and need a little PvP advice on fighting warriors and monks. These two classes seem to keep killing me most in a one on one setting.

    Warriors seem to have a counter to all my attempts to snare. Then once I think I'm about to kill them they pull a nice little heal off and finish smashing my face in.

    Monks I'm just at a loss for because everyone I've fought since returning has beaten me to a pulp.

    Please note I am in no way saying anyone needs to be nerfed I'm only asking for a little advise on taking these two on.
    Thanks peeps!

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    Isn't there something with PvP not being balanced around 1on1?

    Which basicly means if you meet a player with equal skill playing a rival class, you'll get beat?

    I like guessing...

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    Warriors you just have to be very liberal with the snares, CCs, stuns, and disengages. If you find one constantly covering distance or snaring you, don't be afraid to scatter trap or wyvern them to get away. Keep Concussive up at all times, keep widow venom up at all times, and MAINTAIN distance with warriors. After that its just about kiting them to death. It takes awhile to get used to playing them, but they are beatable.

    Monks... and by this I'll assume you mean WW monks. Just give up and die. I've yet to meet an equal geared Monk that couldn't beat me by simply smashing his face into the keyboard while I pull out every stop in the book just to dent them. Fuck monks.

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    Warriors are easy pie as MM with a spider pet. They charge you and hamstring, masters call and pet web them to get some distance, pop burst macro, keep chimera shot daze and concussive shot up, when they charge again disengage, dance around an ice trap and continue to melt away their health while spirit bond brings you back up to full hp. When they have the nerve to pop LOLstorm, hit deterrence and /giggle at them. Save your trinket for their fear. Apply widow venom once they get into second wind range.

    As for monks..uhm..yeah..good luck XD

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