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    [A] <Maelstrom> - US Draenor - Late Night Guild Looking for New Members

    Greetings! Maelstrom is an 8yr veteran of World of Warcraft, and now we're rebuilding our raid team to finish up Tier 14!

    We are a 10 man raiding guild and are currently 8/16 normal mode. We need all roles, and our looking for players who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to making a guild great.

    We're looking for:
    Raiders who like to raid
    Raiders who show up motivated, on time, and ready to bash their heads on bosses
    Raiders who will research their class and play to the best of their abilities
    Raiders who are ready and excited to spend a few hours wiping on new stuff
    Raiders who will congratulate someone who got gear over themselves, and not pitch a fit about being more "deserving"
    Raiders who will pay attention and not go AFK for copious amounts of time outside of normal break time
    Raiders who are just plain BAD-ASS

    Our guild website is located at: www [dot] maelstrom-guild [dot] com

    Transfers are encouraged to look us up.

    We use Mumble for our voice chat
    We provide food, flasks, enchants, gems for our raid team and their alts (Materials willing, which we encourage our members to make donations)

    I can be reached in game on Draenor: Eethan or Vester
    I can be reached outside of game either on our guild forums or via twitter: [at] eethanator

    I stream all my online WoW activities on my twitch.tv page: twitch [dot] tv/eethanator

    I look forward to meeting interested raiders!

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    Bump. Lots of views, but no one interested? Pray tell, what kind of guild are you looking for if this one isn't it?

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