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    Nordrassil <Hyperion> LF DPS

    Hyperion the number 1 ranked guild on the server!!!!
    Our 2nd raid team is looking for a smashing good DPS, would prefer a Rogue or DK, but would also take a talented mage and also a good Healer (prefer Druid or Paladin, but will consider anyone) . we raid on Mon/Wed/Fri from 8-11 server time. we may not be the main raid team but we hold our own well enough 6/6 MSV, 4/4 ToeS, 3/6 HOF. this record would make us the 6th ranked guild on Nord if we were are own guild! if you are interested plz contact Ichigeki, Okakeri, or Tazog by either pm or in game mail. you can also contact me directly using my battletag-Uthferas#1509.
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    Still looking for anyone who is interested

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