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    Is GF 630 better then GF 8600GT?

    my 8600 died thinking of buying 630.
    Kenny gona die tonight!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gouky View Post
    my 8600 died thinking of buying 630.
    Pretty much anything on the shelf is going to be better than your 8600gt.

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    What is you budget?
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    like 80$. my PC is pretty old.
    Core 2 Duo 2.2
    2Gb Ram 800Mhz
    don't wat to spend too much on it.

    how important Memory on GC is? 1- 4 Gb?
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    Kenny gona die tonight!!!

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    Yes the 630 will be roughly 2.5x faster than the 8600gt. The 630 is just a rebadged 440.


    For that price range its pretty much a 630 or a 6670 which are pretty close price range but the 6670 ddr5 pulls ahead in lots of areas. Id recommend it over a 630 but if your stuck on nvidia 630 is the best in your budget.


    "Theoretically speaking, the Radeon HD 6670 (OEM) 1GB should perform much faster than the GeForce GT 440 1.5GB overall."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gouky View Post
    how important Memory on GC is? 1- 4 Gb?
    With extreme low end card like GT630 it doesn't matter at all for games. Only if you try to use multiple monitors.

    Better $80 card - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814130868

    Also get more RAM, 2->4GB makes big difference for performance.
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    anything 1080p and under over 1gb makes zero difference.

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    I think some people misunderstood the question about memory: The OP wanted to know if the memory on the graphics card does make a difference, not the RAM on on the motherboard.

    For graphics cards it is basically what "overclockedamd" said: More memory only has an effect, if the game needs it and if the gpu is fast enough to take advantage of it.
    You only need more than 1GB VRAM
    - if you use at least a 1080p resolution
    - if you play the games at higher settings
    - have a gpu that is fast enough to actually produce decent framerates at these settings.

    All of this only matters for current cards that cost $150 or more, because cheaper cards are just not fast enough to make use of the additional vram.

    But what actually matters with the vram of the cheaper cards, is the speed: There are cards with GDDR3 and GDDR5. All better and more expensive cards have GDDR5, but the cards around the $50-80 price point often come in two variants. And there the difference between those two types of memory is significant.

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    I believe the Radeon 6670 is either about the same or slightly better than the 640, plus the 6670 is like $10 to $30 cheaper... at least on newegg it is.

    The best cheap card I'd go for is the 7750 since anything above that starts to require more watt use, that is, assuming your PSU doesn't supply much. It may be $10 or $20 above your budget tho but it does supply a pretty good performance boost.
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