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    Looking for ideas and tips about a laptop purchase

    Hello MMO champ!

    I'm coming to you for a little advice; perhaps you can help me out. I need to obtain Final Cut Pro X. Thus, I thought I should purchase a Macbook pro for around $1,300 (plus the $300 for Final Cut Pro X for a grand total of ~$1,600). However, is there a way for me to purchase a PC laptop, install OS X, and then purchase Final Cut Pro X to use on the PC laptop.

    I hope you guys can give me a bit of insight! The more cash I can save, the better! (college student) So if you have any better ideas that can save me a chunk of change, that would be awesome.

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    Not legally, and therefore any discussion about doing so (i.e. a Hackintosh) is forbidden on MMO-C.

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    My only other thought is to buy a used/refurb mac that has Final Cut Pro on it already.

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