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    What armor is this?

    I assume everyone can tell who Im talking about. She logged before I could ask, so what is this?

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    That is a mix-match of heavy armor. The chest piece is the rare crafted armor, gladiator. The leggings are the crafted level 70 set (barbaric set). hands is gladiator. can't see her feet and not sure of the shoulders.

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    shoulders are T2 cultural
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    Nifty looking armor and those are tits that Team Ninja would be proud of.

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    I wear that outfit in black & gold minus the shoulders.

    That person copied me. >.>
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    My warrior has the draconic set, best looking set (well the T3 looks very nice as well) in my opinion. I wore the gladiator set all the way to 80 though.

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    Is the Draconic set the one with the skull crotch? Not too big a fan.

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    boots are "knight's" the same with legs, hands + chest is the same set as well butcant remember name, and tier 2 shoulders.

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    Dem titties holy shit lol.

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    But, but, but the set doesn't match! *OCD kicks in*

    And yeah, those boobs are why I'll never pick the 'hourglass' figure for humans.

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    All i see is boobs.
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    Dem titties holy shit lol.
    Real or Fake?

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    And yeah, those boobs are why I'll never pick the 'hourglass' figure for humans.
    What body type is the one in the pic?
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    Are those from the cash shop? Not talking about the armor...

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    Alright. Closing this.

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