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    [Heroic] Wind-lord

    Hey guys.
    i need some suggestions about maximizing dps on Windlord (HC).
    havnt find the "pattern" how to maximize my dps in this encounter. making 80-85% of rank at the most.
    i can go either TG or SMF.
    we do that with a group of adds cced.

    ilvl = 499.

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    The key is cooldown timing. Stack as many cooldowns when he enrages as possible. Best thing would also be to prestack sunder and bank rage, when adds are around 10% and have recently cast their healing spells (in case you are on interrupt duty). Shattering throw right before nuts and then just go nuts with the usually opening rotation. Try to have at least reck up again, when he gets into execute range. So you can get those 6-7Million Executes during a CS.
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    I assume by "80-85%" of rank; you mean world of logs/epeenbot percentiles?

    There is a lot of influence on this encounter that will effect your end DPS as far as ranking is concerned. Many guilds AOE all the adds low while focusing on the boss and then chain his reck near the end of the fight. My guild spreads out three Recks during the fight by focusing groups; obviously if I don't get a reck during execute phase for a nice big burn at the end, I won't rank well, comparatively.

    You can find all the information you need on rotations in the stickied thread at the top of the forum, but here are some tips:
    Always lead off with a pre-pot. You won't rank without it. If your group does not use some kind of countdown to pull; get them to start, as its in everyone's best interest.
    Full AOE rotation when reck is not on the boss. Meaning you won't pool rage to CS dump.
    When reck is up on the boss, forget aoe in favor of single target until its gone (obviously though a whirlwind is still better DPR than WS, but you should be maximizing your CS dump during this time, which means pool rage to HS).
    Only you can tell when the best time to use your CDs. I have time to use 1 minute cd's before first reck on the boss, but your raid may be different; either way you want to be able to pop everything during Reck, especially the execute Reck if you can get one. Coordinate with other warriors for chain Shattering Throws and Skull Banners as well.
    If your raid isn't heavy on absorbs, you can use Zerker stance for some extra rage during Rain of Blades.
    If you are on interrupt duty; focus-interrupt macros work wonders on this and Protectors in TES.

    Also, if you could provide a link to your character, or a raid log of the boss, it would help pinpoint exactly what you could do to help yourself out. Don't worry too much on ranking though. Especially on encounters like this; alot of the people who rank high do so because their fights execution was in their favor. There are so many variables to take into account; from what extra duties you may have; when heroism is used, who gets tricks, etc. 80%+ on epeenbot is still good.

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    wait and pop cds on first nuke phase with pot

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    Quote Originally Posted by persono View Post
    wait and pop cds on first nuke phase with pot
    Assuming you get any kind of recked execute phase this would be a dps loss. If you don't get reck during execute then you won't rank anyways.
    Prepot for adds dmg and initial burst, full cd on first reck phase, and full cd with pot on reck during execute. This like most fights this tier requires knowing your particular groups timing.

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    thx guys.
    ye , i dont have reck during execute phase.
    other than that i always do what you guys wrote.

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