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    making diets simple

    hi im studying dietetics and i have big problems with making diets, no matter which. the problem is my lack of creativity.
    is there some way to make it easy ? what i should i begin with ? i have to make a 2000kcal diet for someone with resection of gallblader, lactose intolerance and gums bleeding.
    so that will be a diet with limited fats without milk products.
    any lifehacks on how to make it simple ?

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    make sure to stick to stuff that isnt too elaborate. The more effort needed to prepare the food the more chance theyll reach for something else thats quicker and easier in the moment. Give the subject some variety with different choices for each meal rather then just A for brekkie, B for lunch, C for dinner.

    Not really much more ye can do to make it 'easy'. If dieting was an easy option obesity wouldnt be this big of a problem
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    Wikkr I don't think he's talking about the kind of diet to lose weight, I think he's just talking about the kind of foods a person with the limitations he mentioned will be able to meet.

    Right...? I'm not sure lol.

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    i meant making diets in general, any kind.
    as i said i lack creativity. i had hard time doing a 7day diet for a healthy person, not menting someone with limitations. its just hard for me.
    is there any 'pattern' u should do them with to make it easier ?

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    I'm not a dietician, but here's how I would solve a problem of this type.

    I suppose you have different lists of what food items contains what (in terms of vitamins, proteins etc). If you don't, consider making one. Seems crucial to this kind of work.

    Make a list of the person's needs (again, in terms of vitamins etc.), rule out the food items they can't eat because of the restrictions you mentioned. You'll be left with a list of options for each need. If you're left with say, 7 options for vitamin C sources, use one for each day for some variety. Repeat for each need until they're all covered.
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    What Depom said.
    And also, aslong as you make sure the person gets what he/she needs nutrition wise, it's good.

    In my world food doesn't have to be tasty or good looking, it just has to be good for you. I do realise this might not fly with every person out there, and so I don't really have any more tips for you.

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    Your not supposed to plan every meal, but to guide to which foods should be eaten when.

    Planning every meal is incredibly hard, not only to do but also to follow. If your studying for this, you should know the basic recommendations and protocol. Tell your 'client' what to aim for overall each day, like x eggs, xxx grams of lean meat, xxx of diary products, xxx vegatables and so on. Give samples of combinations to spark the creativity to the one who follows to diet, tell the person to try and get xxx amounts of something in each meal, if this fails then use the remainding in the next meal and so forth.

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    The way I was doing it was first calculating the amount of certain nutritions, fats carbs and protein. But I was doing this for my workout program.

    First I calculated my daily protein requirements in grams for muscle growth, which was my weight in kg x 2 or my weight in pounds. So 180g of protein which is 180x4=720kcal

    Then I did the fats which in my case was 30% of my daily kcal intake. Lets say 2000*0,3= 600kcal which is 600/9=66g of fat

    And rest was carbs: 2000-(720+600)=680kcal which is 170g of carbs

    Now we know how much of what it just depends on what you like to eat. The only thing to look out for is good fats, seeds, nuts, olive oil. And depending on the persons requirements Glychemic index or even better Glychemic load of carbs. If you wanna go a step further even protein quality can be taken into account, lets say chicken has far better protein quality then the protein contained in beans for example. Actually it has better protein quality then beef even.

    Also as already said above, planing each meal is hard. Unless you like eating the same stuff every day.
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