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    Blade Lord Ta'Yak (H) help !

    Hi All, my guild is having issues with this boss at the moment. This is our best attempt at him but we keep dying due to random reasons (tank taunt issue / windstep death / unseen strike death despite spirit shell). any feedback would be much appreciated ! is it a dps issue (too low?)?


    thanks loads,

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    Sounds like you need to communicate CD's better.

    If tanks don't have a CD or isnt topped when 2nd debuff on tank is applied, he might die.

    If a person have Windstep on them and dont have a CD when unseen strike occurs, he will probably die unless Disc is baby sitting him.

    Just assign a person to call out Hand of Sacrifices/Pain Suppressions on people with Wind Steps during Unseen Strike when they don't have a big selfcooldown, and make sure your Disc is always shielding this target!

    You have a paladin so around 45% (depending on your dps) you can place Hand on Protection on wind step targets granted same person don't get Wind Step twice.

    Using hero and pre-pots on the pull? If not, you should start doing so.
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    make sure everyone is spread for windstep and the player with windstep should never take an unseen strike. the mage can solo an unseen with greater invisibility and a priest bubble. other than that you really just need to execute. the dps you have now is a bit low for 3 healing, so step that up if possible.

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    There's no need for the tanks to take a 2nd Overwhelming Assault on 10-man heroic. The blade tempest adds enough time in between Overwhelming Assaults that the other tank can taunt before the 2nd one comes.
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    Your DPS should be high enough to actually kill it if you drop a healer. With three healers, your DPS will have to step it up.

    No one should be dying to Unseen Strike. Even without a cooldown up, they don't gib people in 10m, even if it hits only eight targets (we always have a retard or two, or a person with Wind Step who sits out).

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    What the hell is your blood dk doing? Try 15 4:17 total of 4 deathstrikes used....

    You need about 430k raiddps to beat the enrage tanks at ~35k dps at ~70k +10k from your disc and you're there (disc can do way more then 10k btw). Your elemental shammy and blood dk aren't doing enough dps.

    Hand of purity on the windstep target for every special ability or at least the pull in bladestorm thingy he does. Make sure to start moving in a little before unseen strike so you're properly stacked up use spirit shells on every strike and barrier for the last one as the boss progressively hits harder. we leave the windstep target out for unseen but with cds he can share it as well.

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    Is your blood dk on an offspec? Not playing anywhere near like he should.
    On the bad try 15 he used 0 icebound fortitude (3min cd), 0 vampiric blood (45s/1min cd), 0 dancing rune weapon (1.5min cd).
    Ridiculous death strike usage so very very little self healing and absorbs.

    I also don't think he was in blood presence? :S As he got crit and no blood shield on the log.

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    Looking at the logs, your raid is actually dieing to every possible mechanic in the fight. There are issues on a personal and team level I would say.
    You need to make sure that the ppl with Wind Step use personal defensives, or immunities if the have. Also stay spread as to not spread the debuff.
    That everyone runs away from Blade Tempest.
    That you use raid wide and personal cds on the Unseen Strikes.(With Spirit Shell other cds should not be needed, but if Unseen Strikes remain an issue then you need to have backup plans)
    Make your DK tank look up a basic Blood tanking guide because what he's doing now is just plain wrong.
    Talk to your mage about respeccing to Arcane, far ahead of the other specs atm.
    Your overall raid dps and healing is abit low.

    Here's a vid from my(rogue) pov: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqdULB0jS7o
    Might help your rogue in some way and might help you guys in general.

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    Paladins are amazing here, since they can spec Clemency and use two Hands of Protection and two Hands of Sacrifice in a row. My advice would be using Sacrifices on wind step targets if you have any when he's about to use Blade Tempest, and Protections on wind step targets when he's about to use Unseen Strike.

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