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    Quick question regarding RBG ratings

    I would like to know how long (time and / or wins) does it take to get 1700 and 2000 rating in RBG.

    Thank you very much!

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    It all depends on your MMR so if you play with a group with a high mmr you will get there in no time.

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    You'll get a lot of rating, somwhere around up 190 if playing with an high MMR group. Question is if such an group would bring you along.

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    This season I started RBGing with my guild. We were 2.3k mmr last season and we got our 2k on the same night we started playing again.

    For my friend who isn't as 'talented' at WoW, they have been playing for 2 seasons and are struggling around 1.7-1.8k while RBGing 2-3 nights every week with random groups.

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