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    Armory relevance.

    Does anyone know how the WoW armory determinates armory relevance? While not being a huge issue I used to be place 1 for relevance when it came to my main character for a very long time seeing as how my name was fairly unique. Recently however I was pushed off place 1 by a Draenei DK logging in every few days at most, having ilevel 450 gear and hardly 3k achievments.

    And while this isn't a huge issue it kind of annoys me at how that character is deemed "more relevant" by the armory despite being inferior in every single last aspect.

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    You should really provide more info, like your character's name and such. I was always under the impression, that it goes - name, level, achievement points and every name I try is like that but if you say he's above you and has "hadly 3k achievements", I presume you have more?

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