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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    2:30? u'll get probably 14 from the start leaving you 2:46, to only cast lava burst 16 times in the next 2:45 is just l2p issues and no lava surges.
    You forgot to account for the duration of Ascendance -- the CD starts immediately on activating it. This means at the end of Ascendance, your CD should be showing 2:30. Your additional lava bursts will reduce that furher, putting the effective CD at between 2:10 and 2:30.

    Game it out. To get 2:30, I assumed a cast time of ~1.2 sec in Ascendance, and an interval of just under 7 sec, which turns out to be an overestimate of the interval (my bad). An interval of 5 sec (what my most recent simcraft results showed) results in a CD at 2:20 +/- a few seconds.
    The overly simplistic (but still reasonably accurate) rule is that the CD is 2:00 + 0:05 * ([interval between lava bursts in seconds] - 1).

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    well yeah it's so short I rarely use it.

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    As elemental, I love ascendance. Often along with elemental blast to begin with, it's great so long as it's a mastery or haste buff. I'll also pop trinkets if I have one (right now I have a 496 int use trinket) and Stormlash totem, when available, which helps a lot with its damage. Also, I'd like to point out how much I <3 Ancestral Healing along with it.. in a pinch if heals are tough for others, this can be a life saver =D

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    I'd like it at a few seconds longer just so I could get that elusive third stomstrike, always runs out JUST before the third, makes me sad
    Raining Pandarens because of the bouncy racial?
    Quote Originally Posted by rokatoro View Post
    Some Might say it was... (•_•).....( •_•)>⌐■-■....(⌐■_■) A heavy Rain.
    I'm so sorry ;_;

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    For enha aye , we could get 1 more stormblast.

    For ele it should be we can't be silenced, but still be interupted in PvP. Because getting a 3 sec silence, then another 1 and then another 1 isn't fun to waste a CD

    PvP wise!

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    Its a short duration dps boost and keep in mind we are balanced around its current state. That unto itself means, depending on the length of a fight our dps goes up and down according to how many times we can pop it.

    I do feel its... not really too short... more like, cut too tight. Now, the solution isn't "make it last x seconds longer" for that would be a pretty nasty buff. What I would like is for it to be tuned to do the same damage overall but last 5 more seconds (I know that doesn't sound like much but I think it is). At best maybe a glyph that we can use for the same effect letting us choose between more dmg over a longer stretch of time vs. more burst.

    The spell is amazing though and one of my favorites for the class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    well yeah it's so short I rarely use it.
    I use it on cooldown as enhancemente. Tip: drop stormlash when you pop it because auto attacks during ascendance are yellow attacks and don't miss, so you do tons of extra damage.

    As resto I sometimes forget it exists. I heal LFR and I do pop it whenever I see heavy raid damage and its a joy to see all the green numbers come up.

    I will say, I think enhancement really makes the most out of the spell off the 3 specs. I just feel the CD is wasted channeling spells and what not. As resto you waste some time channeling heals so it feels less potent. I know the balance it around those things but for the benefit of resto it could last a bit longer. Maybe make resto's version last a few more seconds or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deus_77 View Post
    Yeah, I think it's too short.

    Make it 25sec with 5 Min CD.
    Add Glyph of Ascendance to make it shorter 15sec and 3 Min CD. ( Prefer shorter for PVP burst )
    That would become a mandatory glyph and a dps increase most of the time.

    You can probably count the amount of fights that last 10+ minutes (usually the end boss of a tier) and personally I would say that on average most fights last 8 or 9 mins tops. To increasing the cooldown in any way (which will happen if you buff it) will mean that you can't use it as often resulting meaning it will end up being a a net dps lose.

    And for may suck to get silinced or stunt when using your super saiyan mode but you know what, their isn't a single class that doesn't deal with the same thing when they use their dps cooldowns.
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    I agree i think it should last a few seconds longer if not 5. I mean i get so close casting another stormblast it just isnt fair. And its a very important part of either spec's dps and for healing i dont know how useful it is. It's a nice burst cd but seeing as both the shaman dps specs are entirely revolving around random rng it should be able to last a bit longer. besides Whats the worst thing thats gonna happen were gonna do another spell or 2 cast or abilties with a few more seconds so anywhere from another 100-300k damage output woot. Or in pvp seeing that as soon as a shaman pops a single cd they are cc'd just as fast as a red headed step child runs out the door when they r bout to get beat. Wont even barely effect pvp unless were not cc'd and if were not cc'd its not like were gonna be doing any retarded nukage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Togasa View Post
    I wish it lasted about 2 seconds longer, could get an extra stormblast in for enhance, would actually make it alot funner too.
    That always felt weird. Ascendance dropping off about 1.5-2s before you'd have an extra Stormblast.

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    I wouldn't say that Ascendance lasts too little. In my opinion, it may only need an increase of 2 seconds at the most so that you can fit in a third Stormblast. Not a make-or-break deal, but I personally find it awkward to see ~2sec left on SS/SB cd when Ascendance goes *poof*.

    Quote Originally Posted by caballitomalo View Post
    I use it on cooldown as enhancemente. Tip: drop stormlash when you pop it because auto attacks during ascendance are yellow attacks and don't miss, so you do tons of extra damage.
    Yep, it's basically nature damage piled onto even more nature damage (upon even more nature damage AKA enhance mastery).
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    10s on a 3min cd seems ok, just buff LvB DMG to 1,5x of what is now and it will be ok.

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    I just love the character model. I wish we had a Glyph of Ascendant Visage where if you cast Ascendance you retain the model until either the CD resets or you're out of Combat.

    Still trying to figure out when best to use it in LFR (as Resto).
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