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    Total RP 2

    I didn't know if this should go here or in the interface section, but since its an rp addon..

    So the developer of Total RP 2 said a few weeks ago that he would be quitting his work on TRP2, that this was it. It bummed me out because this is my favourite RP addon and I like it Way better then MRP.

    However, yesturday I got given an ingame message that a newer version of TRP2 had been added, and sure enough on the curse client it had its newest version, 1018. I don't know if the developer decided to update it anyway or if someone else took over from him, but I updated.

    Now I've encountered a problem. I have two accounts tied together, so both using the same kids of addons. On my main account, all my characters have TRP2, and no problems there.
    However on my second account, I have the same addons loaded, and my TRP2 doesn't seem to function right, I load a character, it shows his interface and roleplay character name, and then after a moment, the roleplay interface disappears and doesn't function, on any character on my second account.

    Its annoying, has anyone else had this issue? Also, please don't just post to say 'well I prefer MRP better', that doesn't help.

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    I thought the creator made that announcement back before MoP was released...

    Anyways, I wouldn't know simply because I have been using MRP due to the technical issues on TRP 2. But if it's being updated, then I hope he decides to fix the issue where an MRP user will see the coding on a TRP 2 profile instead of the colored text that was intended. For a period around the time of 4.2, I recall being able to see colored text while using MRP, but then that stopped once 4.3 hit.

    I would personally post a question on the Curse page if you haven't already.

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    MogIt probably.

    TN has a community trying to make a 'repair' for it. 1017 is the last one that the original creator put out. The 1018 I think is from the link above.
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    It seems the mysterious update has some bugs. One of the bugs I myself encountered was that I wasn't capable of using /w, /s or /y until I went into Dialects and learned Common again. Easy fix but it took for ever to find out.

    I also had people's RP addon information in the hover window suddenly disappear when ever moving my pointer over them, as if TRP2 stop loading and gave up. It eventually would, after a little while, show everything appropriately.

    Fear I don't have a solution for your issues though.

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