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    [Bio] Tichrom Fangmend

    This is my first character, trying to get started in RPing, help welcome!

    Name: Tichrom Fangmend

    Age: 150

    Race: Night Elf

    Gender: Male

    Languages: Common, Darnassian, Thalassian

    Class: Guardian Druid

    Personality: Friendly, calculated, curious, strong

    Likes/Dislikes: Likes adventures with companions, fighting, tactical planning. Dislikes demons, mindless undead, taking orders

    Appearance: His navy blue hair has been chopped short and left untamed, to do what it will. Simple, dark leather armor with a bear engraved on each piece hides a body with diagonal scars marring his chest. He carries an intricately carved staff with a bear's head carved on the top.

    History: Tichrom was born into a druidic family in Ashenvale. He followed the path of his kin, learning the ways of the druid. When he was very young, Tichrom witnessed his entire family murdered by satyrs. Since that day he has hated the Burning Legion, and swore to put a stop to their mindless conquests. He finished his studies under his master, and became a full druid. Around this time, he met a woman. He loved her, and she loved him. When the orcs invaded Ashenvale, chopping and burning the trees of the beautiful forest, they took her from him as well. His heart shattered, Tichrom became reclusive, retreating into the depths of the forest. There, he honed the skills he had been taught, and became a more powerful master of nature. Recently he has returned, and what he has found disturbs him. The druid begins journeying, aiding other heroes in the protection of Azeroth. He has fought the Black Dragonflight, the Burning Legion, and the Scourge, and continues his journey in search of more adventures.
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    Hey! I just read this BIO and it holds a lot of promise. However, there is something that bugs me. 'It's too short!' Just saying that you can put so much detail and character progression in here. Doing so would really bring out your avatar's character. It, as it stands is a great outline and is a joy to read, but it's missing some things. Why did the satyrs come, where, was he too late, overpowered? Did he react with vengeance, pride, sadness? What was he taught? Did he take interest in healing magic, perhaps as a way of ensuring such an act never happened again? There are many things we don't know; who did he pick as a lover? Allow us to connect with his life, to experience his hardships and faults, his loves and joys.

    You really have potential here. We can easily be put into Tachem's shoes, enjoy the company of his friends, connect with and have them torn away. Then, we'd look from this character's perspective and rue the Legion as he does.

    Just a thought for a project and little hypocritical on my part. Perhaps something to aim for should you choose to engage in this project Good luck!

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    Like Darced mentioned above, more details would be appreciated. What are his combat skills and abilities, what manner of druid is he? Names of his family members, his master and lover would greatly add depth and reality in this bio as well. And i would suggest reworking 'Weaknesses' part of the bio, in my opinion this is where most of the characters earn a depth for themselves, and i for one never take "strong emotions" as a weakness, i believe it to be quite the contrary

    Great character with promising RP potential, not your regular green loving tree hugging pacifist I liked him, see you around mate!

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    Thanks for the input! As time allows, I'll try to make updates to the bio.

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