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    Healdruid right now.

    So, i have reached lvl 90 on my toon and im wondering how good Healdroods are doin right now. PvE.

    If we put Disc aside, healdruids seems to perform very bad, but is this true? especially for Heroic Raiding.

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    The fewer healers you bring, the more viable Resto Druids become since HoTs are less likely to tick for overhealing.

    For 10 mans: Resto Druid + Holy Pal/Disc Priest is a great duo comp

    For 25 mans: Resto feels weak since you have so many healers unless you're underhealing content.

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    Im playin 10 mans, right now as a Disc. But for our altraid i want something different and the setup would be Hdrood+Hpally, on 3 healer boss fights an Healshaman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spraytwist View Post
    Im playin 10 mans, right now as a Disc. But for our altraid i want something different and the setup would be Hdrood+Hpally, on 3 healer boss fights an Healshaman.
    That's perfectly fine though your meters will have you weaker than you'd expect when you three heal.

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    Resto druids are doing fine, play what you enjoy not what minmax's the most, if you enjoy it then it will all go better.

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    Paladin+Druid=Frustrate moments for druid.. Hate that Illuminated Healing, hate all of absorbs, grr..

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    Resto druids are great healers, however compared to other healers they are weaker. And by that I mean their mana regen, controle and due to the hot heals. I play a resto druid myself and have great fun doing so. But for progression you'd rather want absorbs than hots. and with absorbs there's less for you to heal as a resto druid so on the meeters you might get low due to alot of absorbs. But that doesnt mean they aint great, the meeters does actually not count too much as a healer. Take for example if you are healing with a disc priest. There is simply no way you should beat a good disc priest on the meeters.

    So at this very moment, they are weaker, you might struggle more with mana compared to other classes. But not enough to say they're not good. Because they are, and most important of all- They are still fun to play even tho absorbs can make you frustrated if you look at meeters.

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    Only by spamming Reju/WG you will have Mana issue. Use SM in a "clever" way then you will have much higher output.
    There's no need to pre-hot before a huge inc raid dmg anymore.

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    The meters thing can give very false impressions.
    I run with a resto shaman and a holydin and as a druid i pretty much always top healing.
    with garalon hc we were having problems with the enrage timer and we dropped the shaman for a disc priest.
    i immediately went from top healer on the meters to the bottom healer on the meters. This is because whenever someone is topped off and they have a HoT and an absorb on them when they next take damage the absorb does the healing and the HoT ticks for overhealing and so doesn't show up on healing done.
    We took quite a lot of attempts to kill this boss on hc and the priest / pally were gloating at me being last esp as the priest is MS shadow.
    Our raidleader pointed out that he could tell when i was kiting pheramones because that is when people dropped low and started to die. He couldn't tell when either of them were kiting pheramones.
    The point is healing meters have limited usefulness.
    Good raidleaders will spot patterns.
    Druid healing is NOT subpar. (in 10 man i understand 25 man druids have different experiences). In 5.2 we will be even stronger.

    My last point is one i make a lot on these forums.
    The best in the world at any class/spec out perform the average by a long long way.
    The best class at a given role outperforms it's peers by a relatively small margin.
    We would all do better at learning to play our current class better than learning to play a different class as well/badly as we do our current class.

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    Resto druid is fine, really nice with a paladin!

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    Like others have said the fewer healers you bring the stronger a resto druid will appear, disc priests take away alot of the healing done by hots and so do instant healers like shamans and paladins. Resto druids also lack a viable raid cd, yes Tranq is strong but it's better 9/10 times to prevent damage taken than healing through it. That's why you don't see massive re-druid numbers in high ranked 25m guilds. That said my guild runs with 2-3 druids without much trouble, they're far behind numbers-wise compared to our other healers though.
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    How do you guys feel druid will perform with the data that is available yet for us in 5.2?

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    I raid 25man, and we cleared the content (including Protectors elite hc). Restodruid is - considering the numbers overall - one of the weakest healers in 25man in most fights (not in all fights!). Just looking at the average World of Logs numbers make me frown (http://raidbots.com/dpsbot/#00000000...00000000111111).

    We're lacking a real AoE healing ability: Wild Growth heals 5-8 targets (depends on glyph/ToL etc.), Swiftmend 3 targets, even Tranquility only 5 targets at once. Burst (AoE) heal is missing and hots tend to go into overhealing, especially when you have to prehot. Whenever there is a camp (more than 6 ppl) to heal, other classes will outshine you if their skill matches yours. Wild Mushroom, as it is atm, can be used to fill the gaps, but won't be enough to keep up.

    Nevertheless, having a restodruid (or a monk for that matter) in the raid tends to make healing easier for other classes, since Swiftmend and Wild Growth will soften dmg spikes. Before the monk nerf, healdroods weren't much fun at all, since monks occupy nearly the same niche as we do. After the nerf, restodruid definately has become more viable. (I don't support the monk nerf though.... I think monks aren't much fun at the moment, but that's another topic).

    All in all, I still love my drood, but I'm looking forward to the new shrooms in the next content patch. They should provide the burst AoE heal spell that was missing in the last content, especially compared to the monk healing style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hygeia View Post
    How do you guys feel druid will perform with the data that is available yet for us in 5.2?
    I think we will perform ALOT better than we are now.

    I think they buffed us 'just right' - Not too over-buffed or not too little, 10% seems like the boost we neeed. As well as having Rejuv having it's mana sliced in half. Especially with the T-14 2 set right now.

    As many others have said, Right now The order for 10 mans goes Priests,Paladins,Monks,Shamans,Druids. As of 5.1 we are....'Okay' at best. We are not in a great spot but not that bad either. Illuminated healing and Disc absorbs really snipe our heals making us seem less effective. And our regen is pretty terrible for the most part, Unless you stack spirit like CRAZY which is not recommended. And since they don't seem to be touching our regen? The boost to healing will definitely compensate for that.

    Wild Mushrooms will definitely be something we have to play around with and see how they work. In theory? They are great. But on movement heavy fights? Call me skeptical at best. On stacking fights it will be a lovely mechanic to have, But mobility heavy fights? I don't know...

    Our T-15 is a bit hit and miss.

    2 set = Swiftmend heals 4 people instead of 3

    Personally that 2 set is a little weak to me...I suppose it could work but, Meh at best.

    4 set = Rejuv ticks get STRONGER as the spell goes on

    Now 'THAT' is a set bonus. With the changes to Rejuv's base mana cost and the 10% boost to healing. This sounds 'in theory' like a very nice combo.

    5.2 puts us in a nice comfortable spot I feel. We will not be like Disc and doing 250k HoTs and 300k Spirit Shells but we will definitely be in a MUCH better spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysara View Post
    I think we will perform ALOT better than we are now.
    I really hope so as i am seriously contemplating switching my main since wotlk to pala

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