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    [Books] The Lost Symbol

    Im currently reading The Da Vinci code at page 401 so far and Ive decided I wanna read the Lost Symbol aswell.

    Now, Angels and Demons, aswell as the da vinci code is both based on christianity, conspiracy theories and such. What I was wondering is is The Lost Symbol like that, with christianity, conspiracy theories etc? I read a bit of a summery on The Lost symbol at it seemed to me like it was more of a crime novell than the previous two.

    So yeah, is it worth reading and will it have conspiracy theories like the da vinci code and angels and demons?

    thanks in advance
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    if you love da vinci code and angels and demons youll love the lost symbol. lost symbol has to do with science and the masons and in a way it follows the same pace and overview of the other 2 books, historical facts mixed with the plot of the story. i love dan brown novels

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