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    Where on the net do I find dubbed/subbed anime in quantity.

    I would prefer a site that has some sort of description and maybe a few snapshots of the anime before you download/stream it.
    And of course I prefer to stream however I understand that isn't always possible.

    My anime style varies from Hellsing/claymore/gungrave/witchblade/Busho Renkin type anime to that of Burst angel, heavens lost property and so on
    "generally stuff aimed at a more mature audience) and I do enjoy the harem anime's because they do tend to be quite comedic and well drawn.

    Either way I have pretty well exhausted the content that both netflix and hulu have to offer.

    All in all I just don't like clicking random anime links without having first seen some short description of it such as the storyline/rating and I prefer the snapshots to get a general idea of the art style being used because lets face it anime that looks like Naruto is inferior to anime that looks like Death note or Witchblade.
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    So uh... what's so hard to Google image the anime title and decide from there what you want to do? Lazy? Or just didn't know you can do that? Just wondering.

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    These are all basically illegal, and we don't allow links to illegal sites here.

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