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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Risin View Post

    Does anyone feel the same? Is Warcraft more of a wonderful universe to stay in touch with for you, than it is an actual game? If you've found a way to manage this, what are your tips?


    I'm pretty much in the same boat, but likely different background and reasons.

    Honestly, enjoy yourself in your leisure time. If that means you don't play the game but love to look up art, lore, or discuss the game what's wrong really? Who's to say who is a real fan or that you must play WoW in order to enjoy the franchise? The irony is, you likely know a lot more about WoW than some of the average players who play but have no idea about the game itself.

    You could wait for a patch or expansion, play it super casual, or maybe a franchise you'll enjoy (because its doubting the franchise ends after WoW). There's also books and artwork which you may enjoy.

    Now my reasons for disliking WoW is not a fan of the latest expansion's theme, not enjoying certain aspects of the new expansion I find important, and also I've had it with the mindless grinds. There's other games which, thank God, have far less to no grinds, but which are still fantasy MMORPGs. If your issue with WoW is similar, that could be an alternative for you as well.
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    yep im in this boat too. Cancelled but still enjoy reading or hearing about wow related stuff, come to this forum to browse the new updates and such. I can't for the better of it get into that whole log in every day mentality to do x and y. the whole gear chasing, rep and whatnot is just off putting after so many years. This xp lore isn't of my favs so its also a turn off. I enjoyed the new scarlet and scholo though, it was nice hearing jandice new voice or seeing some new development on lillian. I however wish questing in the old world was somehow more challenging or immersive, some more npc voices or like cutscenes would be something. Now though i just been watching machinima and just picked up TFT since i missed the campaign there.

    Well ill prolly be back, but atleast theres some stuff on the side that can be enjoyed.

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    It took me about a year to a year and a half of gorging myself on WOW to get sick of it. I found myself logging in to quell some urge I had for perfect entertainment that WOW satisfied in a way that was disturbingly effective up to a point, but I still had the urge for that satisfaction. Then I would sit there and have nothing to do, I'd seen it all and done it all to the point it just wasn't the same.

    So I quit for about 6 months. By that point nostalgia was urging me to play, but I knew it wouldn't last, so I waited until The Burning Crusade was released. I kind of had a good time, made a Draenei and a Blood Elf, I really liked their starting areas but it still wasn't the same as it used to be. Then I started trying to level my 60 warrior in Hellfire, after a few hours of quests and getting massive rewards in stats that made my MC and BWL epics outdated, I started to get an old feeling of "gotta catch em all" back in my spirit, and fell back in love with the game for a while.

    Since then, I quit whenever I feel I'm bored and wait for 3-6 months, while always coming back for a new expansion. So far, MOP has been by far the best experience I've had overall, I just wish I had all this stuff to do years ago when the game was more fresh. I'll probably play off and on for as long as WOW is in production.

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    It's funny at the point where you get more satisfaction talking about the game than you do playing it. That's why even when I'm not playing WOW I usually still participate in the third party forums like this one.
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