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    rofl, StayTuned tilted out in another thread using the same excuse
    I said solders are, regardless of their nationality, people who serve their country and try to protect its people. On that some people said "MURRICA STIRRS UNJUST WARS! SOLDIERS ARE MURDERERS!

    You can't argue with those people, thus I said bye. And you didn't help either by pointing out mistakes and giving seriously "weird" one liners. Again, even in this thread your contribution equals zero.

    My experience is that some straight guys have never learned to interact with women as just people. They grow up, have friends of the same gender, and then hit puberty--and then, and only then, do they start interacting with girls. It creates a mindset where hanging out with girls is only associated with sexual desire. So if that desire isn't there, they just don't do it.

    I have a few straight guy friends who seem to really suffer from this. IMO, it's something a person can overcome. It's just a psychological association that needs to be broken.
    I can speak out of experience. I grew up surrounded by girls, not by boys. I have many female friends today and they all understand my playboy'ish behavior and they know that I am a truly good person. I make my intentions very clear before anyone gets hurt.

    And as long as you don't fuck around with their emotions it's all fine. You just have to find girls who think like you... You don't go and sleep with a girl that's in love with you if you don't love her back. That's a dick move and you are the worst if you do so.
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    i swallow marbles [... ] it is funny when you wake up and can shake your stomach and feel them and hear them

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    I'm more interested in this sentence right here...
    Like I said before, I do think that women are equal to men but I just really don't care about women at all.
    Dydric, have you ever considered that you don't really care about women because you might actually care about men?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinnerbandit View Post
    Dydric, have you ever considered that you don't really care about women because you might actually care about men?
    I don't think this has anything to do with potential homosexuality. The sad fact is that women, much more so than men, tend to get pigeon-holed as sexual objects. Some guys struggle with treating them as anything other than that, even if they intellectually think they are equal and such. In their minds, they're only there for fucking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayTuned View Post
    You made him look like the worst, while he's just a guy who likes to be with different women as much as possible before he drops dead.

    As long as the girls don't suffer from it I see no problem. Once he starts pretending to be in love with them just to get laid, he becomes a legit asshole. Until then... nah.
    You must have missed the part where he said he didn't care about women apart from sexual reasons.
    I assure you I had no wish to insult. And it's absolutely not about the wish to have sex with many different people; that's completely a-okay with me. (I see nothing wrong with being slutty; it's often used derogatorily, but I can't understand why.) It's about the fact that he doesn't care about people if those people happen to be female.
    I'm not saying that that is evil either, I'm saying that that might be evidence of a psychological issue.
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