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    Problem with a arena modifier macro

    Hi i would like to know whats wrong with my macro.

    I want to use it like this:

    when im in aren no mod = arena 1; alt arena2 ; shift arena 3

    when im not in an arena no mod = target

    This is what i have. The problem is that i have to target the enemy AND use the modifier to make it work. I would like it to work with out changing my main target.

    #showtooltip Scatter shot
    /cast [nomodifier,target=arena1,exists][target=target] scatter shot
    /cast [target=arena2, modifier:ALT] scatter shot
    /cast [target=arena3, modifier:Shift] Scatter shot

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    I don't know what you want. You're saying no arena and no mod = current target. But you want to use the macro on somebody, which you're not specifying who without mod?

    If I think what you mean this macro should work:
    /cast [mod:alt,@arena2,exists][mod:shift,@arena3,exists][nomod,@arena1,exists][nomod,@]Scatter Shot

    Not sure if it's possible though to detect if there's an arena target or not.

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    When i'm in an arena i want it nomod arena1, alt arena 2, shift arena 3

    When i'm not in an arena target = target (so no mod )

    i.e macro is bound to V

    Arena V=1 Alt+V= 2 Shift+V=3

    No arena V = target

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    /use [@arena2,mod:alt][@arena3,mod:shift][@arena1,harm,nodead][]Scatter Shot

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