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    new loot system within Pandarian dungeons

    hi all

    i've noticed that when im on a alt character all the stuff i need for my main (dk) seems to drop. but when im on my dk .. it doesnt drop at all... is this on purpose or is it some kinda of error within the loot system?


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    In all honesty, RNG sucks.. no tin foil hats its just one of those things
    Ideally no one has ever hit the level cap of the last expansion, looked at their dungeon blues, and thought "I win."


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    Random loot is random.

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    Sucks and sucks even more when you are in a party, for example, without leather class and all that drops is leather but we can t live without RNG

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    Congratulations, you won the RNG.

    For me it always seems to be caster shaman mail that drops, level 1-90...

    I don't play a caster shaman.
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    Have been happening since I started to play alts, after my first heirloom. People say it's Random Number Generator or that Confirmation Bias.But I can't help to think there IS an algorithm, just like the one they had for "last item in quest", in which the drop rate for a quest item suddenly drop, when you're on the last one.

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