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    Battlegrounds on Misery Battlegroup

    Hey all,

    im playing a warlock on Kazzak and currently im trying to get some honor to upgrade my gear next to getting conquest points. I do every day around random bgs. Im wondering if its only for me or if Horde completly sucks lately on the Misery Battlegroup:O

    Since 1 week, so since last wednesday i won only 3 bgs (from around 30-40 bgs). I dunno if ppl are complete retards or if horde side is full of bots. You have usually like 2-3 ppl talking the rest does just fucking whatever. If you check the maps ppl do complete bullshit. Every 3rd bg i joined we get farmed on gy. Even when not farmed, usually allies have a lock,warr, dk or hunter who did 20+ killingblows while the whole horde team together managed to kill 4 ppl.

    Common, any1 else experiencing the same? Or am i just very unlucky? I accept that sometimes one just loses but so often?

    I feel kinda desperate about it

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    All battlegroups are merged for normal battlegrounds. I guess you are just meeting really bad players since I'm not having any problems...

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    I play Alliance on Ravencrest EU, can't remember last time losing a BG.

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    Probably a case of negative bias. I played at least 10 games last night on Alliance, AV, some random ones, and we won 1, maybe 2. And I was thinking exactly the same thing about my team That's why i only do PvP when leveling alts.

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    I'm playing horde on EU. Played like 50 games, won only 10.

    Protip of the day: If you want to farm honor, faction change to Alliance.

    I think it has to do with classes right now. It seems, to me, that people like to reroll to whatever is the most powerfull. I barely see a rogue while before MoP every team had atleast 2 rogues, now I'm the only one. Even in Arena, I did some arena yesterday to get capped. Hunter Warrior, Hunter Hunter, Warrior Resto Sham, Warrior DK, Warrior Warlock, Hunter Warlock.
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    yep, even when ppl claim warriors got nerfed hard and they arent op anymore it seems every battleground has 2-4 warriors. Also when joining a rbg its like "sry we have a lock" but when i join on my shammy later they have 4 warriors xD

    maybe in 3s on high rating things get balanced. but most ppl dont play on 2k rating. When i played 2 s on my shammy i was so lucky to get a arms warrior as partner who also was a good player. We went 18-2 ration straight to 1700. My only goal as healer was to live longer then 20 secs...he didnt want to use skypw for cap so when i asked him who he goes for he said only "it doesnt matter". First i was confused but when i saw how he rippped ppl apart i understood what he meant

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    It's not them it's you.

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    Well, sometimes it's complete shit, tbh. Then there are times when I'm on a winning streak (of 3-4 bgs, maybe) or it's close to 50 % w/l. In my experience, don't do bgs as horde at late night, as you're more likely to lose than win, and we tend to get shat on in CTF bgs as alliance might have 3 healers and 1 dedicated tank and not some frost dk in blood presence. Horde wins quite a bit in the bew bgs, try doing those.

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