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    Well, one of the best way to get killing blows is to play a class that CRITS or dies a high amount of damage with one attack.

    Like f.eks on my Unholy DK, which crit very rare. I always top the damage done, but im never at the top of the kills. But if I got frost, I always top the kills due to high crits.

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    Since you're a monk, I would recommend getting 5 chi and then once they are on minus 30% health, start popping tigereye brew and then use rising sun kick/blackout kick, that way you will probably get the killing blow.
    Honestly, the easiest classes to get the killing blow are probably fire mages, spriests, destro locks, frost death knights and warriors. Basically, roll any class that has a few instant abilities that can hit hard without using too much rampup time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kleinlax21 View Post
    OT: If you want to purely farm KB's OP, you definitely do want to play a hard-hitting class like a Frost DK. If you play a class that works off a lot of small damage attacks, then it's easy for a player like me to come in and snipe your killing blows.
    Actually, DoT classes (small damage attacks) like Shadow Priests and Affliction Locks are known to be semi-decent at gathering KBs, even before Shadow Priests became the instant cast nuke master they are today.

    Big damage classes have very unstable 'heavy damage' abilities (eg. Killing Machine Obliterate) which makes it difficult to nab the KB.

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    Execute classes are best overall or reliable crit classes like frost dk or mage.

    I play elemental and usually end up with a lot of KB thanks to my burst setup of unleash flame+ele blast+lavaburst+fulmination+chain lightning all in a few globals. If everything crits on 60% resil players then I usually end up with a 200k burst. It still without crits is nice burst.

    Don't play a class that tickles you to death like a rogue or affliction lock. Big crits are king for KB.

    Unless you want achievement, KB don't mean shit even compared to overall damage. Some guy could go 20 million damage and have 0 KB but someone with 2 million damage might have 20 KB even if they are fighting in the same area all game. Who do you think contributed more to killing people?

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    Personally, I would say Killing Blows aren't as "important" what you should be looking at is the total damage done.

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    if you want 20-0, you'll have to steal the kills.

    as a rogue, for instance, build up 5 combo points while he's at like 150k, when the teammates got him around 30-50k, use eviscerate.

    as with any other class, just save your big hitting abilities for when they're low.

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    It largely depends on the class, whether you have an execute or not. In cata I played an enha shaman, and they were pretty bad to say the least. I usually got 0-5 killing blows during a bg, and I'd have tons of deaths. Now I play a destro warlock and the difference is just insane. With shadowburn it's so easy to get killing blows and to steal them, I'm almost always at number one killing blows, happens more often that not. I'm very often number 1 or top 3 in damage done as well, so I'm not just ks'ing. My best is 29-0 in temple of kotmogu, and going 20-0 is not a rare occurence, though far from every battleground. Once over a period of two days, I got 2 x 26-0 in wsg, one I had 2 friends in it, the other was a pure pug. What I'm trying to say is, I haven't become some pvp-god in the meantime of switching from my shaman to my warlock, I've gotten a little better of course, as everyone does when they do something a lot, but I owe most of it to the survivability of destro locks and the (by far) best execute in the game. Destro locks is also on of the few specs that can use killing blows for something (you get an extra burning ember if you kill someone with shadowburn), so it's hard to feel bad about getting a lot of kb's, even though people get angry sometimes :P

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    This may be a silly question but... does it matter? I'd rather see someone with 0 killing blows who's actively working to win the BG (hold a node, return a flag, etc.) than someone with 20 killing blows who just farmed the middle without thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senathor View Post
    destro lock, best
    True dat. You think 10 KB's is a lot? try 50+
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    All you have to do is time your abilities with there hp, for example if you know your Obliterate will hit for a minimum of 130k crit on procs, when you get a proc and they have low hp wait until they drop below that health to pop it. Same with your other abilities. Do the same with all other classes, obviously casters will be a little more difficult, but its all about timing.

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    try to use finishing abilities, like Shadowburn, Execute. maybe shadow word: death ( not sure on its damage ). The persons getting 10 KBs arent heros btw, imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaris View Post
    The better question is WHY should you be concerned about Killing Blows?

    All they mean are bragging rights. They don't contribute towards the victory conditions of any BG. That should be your primary focus, doing whatever it takes to try to win.
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    Kill shoot works for me. If you are talking random bgs the average gear ppl have is really shite.
    This is why bgs tends to be rather boring for me, I cant bother to do more than 1-2 in a row.
    With full malev, t2 and just 3 upgrades missing; I just dominate so much its lame. Most of the time you just run into bots/people gearing up, only occasionally will you run into a few moderately geared players.
    Like in the last bg *sota* I did 10 million more damage than the nearest ally/horde player, I did more damage than all of my 14 team mates put together.

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    What class are you, OP?

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