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    I know this might sound crazy, but have you actually thought of, you know, gearing towards pvp? Just like a full pvp person doe's shit numbers in pve, the same applies viceversa.
    It's funny how some expect and even DEMAND ( man, the nerve! ) to be able to immediately jump into pvp and expecting everything to work their way. It's just like all the noobs that always cry about dungeons / raids being to hard / demanding / grindy or w.e. Like everything in life my friend, you'll have to work towards it in order to be successful. This idea basically applies to every aspect of life.
    Or you could just stop wasting time grinding gear to be able to play pvp properly and go play a multiplayer fps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deleth View Post
    How about doing neither? You can already completly ignore some (many) healers and tunnel a target into the ground with 2-3 people playing certain classes. Also there is no battle fatigue on the PTR as of now.
    Well, the premise is to reduce damage/burst. But the reason why this has failed in previous attempts is that it causes potentially infinite matches (when healers don't run out of mana) or a cheesy mana drain/burn war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murthyr View Post
    I hate having nearly 60% resilience and getting chaos bolted for 280K repeatedly by locks stacking pvp power in every slot....
    While this is an obvious exaggeration, if pvp power was nerfed then locks would be chaos bolting othe players for 120-130k damage. Burst will be there. Burst SHOULD be there. Burst cds is HOW burst should happen. But pvp power is the difference between an 70-80k chaos bolt and a 120-130k chaos bolt. If you think that difference isn't significant then I've got news for you because it translates to an ACROSS THE BOARD nerf to burst.
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    PVP Power is fine, healers are supposed to die in PVP too...

    Lets not go back into the "unmovable object" PVP style...

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