View Poll Results: What do you think the best looking/animations for rogue (Horde) Race is?

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  • Troll/Male

    13 19.40%
  • Goblin/Male

    14 20.90%
  • Blood Elf/Male

    7 10.45%
  • Troll/Female

    6 8.96%
  • Goblin/Female

    2 2.99%
  • Blood Elf/Female

    25 37.31%
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    Legendary! Airwaves's Avatar
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    Where are females orcs!!!!!!!! This poll is a disgrace since they are missing!
    Aye mate

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    Herald of the Titans
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    Orc female !

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    pvp, orc/belf, Pve, orc/troll.

    ps. Your poll sucks.

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    ex-UD rogue here... Switched to Orc rogue and haven't looked back since.

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    undead undead

  6. #26
    I would have to say Undead. Not too sure why thats not in the poll...they are the Horde rogue race.

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    I'm actually trying to decide what race I'm going to switch to for my rogue. It's between UD male or female, which one has better animations?

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    undead are to stinky to be a rogue, you can smell them a mile away. goblin male ftw

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    The one that lets you have red toenail polish

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    The Unstoppable Force Trassk's Avatar
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    No orc or pandaren? Pff...

    But I would go troll, they looks awesome when stealthing.

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    Rue d'Auseil
    Goblin hands down. Undead are just laughable. They look like they can barely hold their weapon. Goblins are baller with their tip toe stealth

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    You missed 6 different race/gender combos (Orc male/female, Undead male/female, Pandaren male/female) and invented your own (Blood Elf Male? what?)

    I picked goblin male anyways.

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    Yeah Undead male is the best but I do have a 85 male belf rogue and they are pretty cool as well.

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    Goblin is the best for animation as its stealth animation is them tip-toeing.

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    Blood Elf Female *best idle animation*
    Undead female *best eviscerate animation *dat flip**
    Orc Male *Best look in gear*
    Panda Either Gender *best weapon animations*

    Over all Undead Female for the Win!

    *Im partial to my Worgen male Rogue though, so beastly in gear, awesome roar, good attack animations, all should fear a stealthy werewolf.*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonaire View Post
    pvp, orc/belf, Pve, orc/troll.

    ps. Your poll sucks.
    Lol, How come? Because all the horde races arnt there? Ohh I hate the rest

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    Any rogue that steals a Tauren's looks. Stealthy Tauren rogues ftw (too bad the image breaks in combat tho )
    Quote Originally Posted by Ishamael8

    Deathwing was flapping along in the dragonblight getting ready to attack the tower whennnnn..... BAM!!! He gets nailed with a giant plasma beam coming down from the sky Grafton style from Halo Reach!!!! It would seem that Rhonin finally decided to put his 24mil mana to use...

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    Blood Elves make very cool assassins look-wise, and the female Blood Elf stealth is absolutely awesome. Goblins are also great, since they're greedy, small, and deceptive - perfect for a rogue!
    “Far, far below the deepest delvings of the dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whatsausername View Post
    Lol, How come? Because all the horde races arnt there? Ohh I hate the rest
    Undead Rogue is by far the best choice, and you didn't even include it...

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    I'd say either female undead, female pandaren (See Taoshi :P) or from the poll female blood elf, although i dislike fem belf's rogue animations they look the best in rogue armor.

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