View Poll Results: What do you think the best looking/animations for rogue (Horde) Race is?

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  • Troll/Male

    13 19.40%
  • Goblin/Male

    14 20.90%
  • Blood Elf/Male

    7 10.45%
  • Troll/Female

    6 8.96%
  • Goblin/Female

    2 2.99%
  • Blood Elf/Female

    25 37.31%
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    Best Horde Rogue race?

    What rogue race has the best animations ? and looks

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    Undead easily.

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    female troll

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    If you are going purely for looks / anims ... Prolly Fem pandas, they are pretty cool.
    If you care about racials / min/max DPS ... Troll=UD>Orc (IIRC, may be wrong).
    The change / addition of Touch of the Grave for UD puts them in a strong position for racial consideration now.

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    Go UD Or Fem Troll for Looks. :3

    Made by the fabulous i4ni <3

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    Purely PvP Perspective.

    Orc and undead are both good, it depends what you're fighting.

    against, for instance, a shadowplay or a shadowcleave, undead would be best. you can will the 1120 amount of fears you get, but against melee cleaves and mages, orcs are a lot better, because stuns last for less duration on you.

    3rd is the goblin, if you get good at actually using the rocket jump as a life saver or as a good gap closer etc. - and they have the coolest attack animations in the game

    Blood elf is shit because their silence DRs with everything, and there's no reason to roll a troll at all.

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    I got Blood Elf Male as a rouge and i regret that. I should made Orc Female as most of my chars.

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    I love my fatty bear (male panda). Animations <3

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    Undead will always be the rogue race. Not even on your list. Wut.

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    Why isn't Orc there?!!!!

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    Undead Male period
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    For animations id say male troll.
    If your after min/max panda>ud>troll=orc>goblin>belf

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    Got a male goblin rogue myself, I really like the class and race combination. Basically like the gnome/dwarf rogue version of the Horde. Their racials are also pretty neat.

    Trolls have probably the best racials, because of their berserk.

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    undead male by far!

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    survey says blood elf female ^_~ such a great crouching stealth animation, and i love mutilate as well

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    undead. no question.

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    for looks id say trolls or orcs male or female they both look ok.. they also have decent buffs for pve with berserking and expertise with axes/ fist weps (if u go combat orc rogue, plus lower stun duration) goblins are ugly and green.. blood elves are too pretty and girly.

    pandas are good as well.. although very comical how a fat panda can be a rogue.

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    Goblins are pretty bitchin' Rogues.
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    undead male is the only true rogue model. not only for the horde, no! even for the aliance theres only male ud rogues that are considered "real" rogues... sadly they cannot get them and thus all alliance rogues will forever be considered lame little sissies!


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    Undead male or BE female imo.

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