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    Glaive Toss not hitting moving targets

    Has there been any info about this bug in the 5.2 notes and/or twitter?
    Tried to search but there is basically no info on it whatsoever, just a few threads describing the issue.

    Some people say its supposed to be a "skill" shot, since you actually get 2x slows on the target you hit, but imo theres no way a lvl 90 talent can be this rng.
    And to be honest, its damn annoying..

    And for those who dont know what it is; If the target is moving, Glavie Toss will only register 1 miss/hit or not register anything at all, you just see the animation with no dmg done to the target.
    The faster the target is moving, the worse it gets.

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    I remember in the past them mentioning this, along with other issues (Powershot, and the too many buttons issue) but not sure where all that was brought up.

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    They know, it only got less emphasis than the Powershot bug. They haven't fixed Ps yet, so God knows when they'll fix that.

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