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    Best way to bring back Eye for an Eye.

    So we'd all like to see a return of Eye for an Eye and Retribution Aura, but the dev's are right that as they stand and were they are boring. Reflected damage isn't a very fun mechanic to begin with and unless it's a LOT of damage reflected or returned it just doesn't feel all that great.

    So let's still have them be passive, but either make them like vengeance, as in straight up give Ret and only Ret a version of vengeance that scales slower and is capped WAY below tank vengeance (so Ret doesn't suddenly find itself tanking everything because it has such crazy damage) and work in PvP. Attack a Ret and they'll just feed it right back to you.

    Other solution is to make it a vengeance that scales with a different stat than attack power. Such as increased haste or mastery, so when ret takes damage we call upon the light to strike back at our foes. Maybe have it as a boost of our highest secondary stat by say 1% for every X damage taken up to 25%?

    Final solution is make a vengeance that boosts our holy power finishers. Something like up to 50% more damage and healing from TV, DS or WoG at 3HP, this effect is cleared when you use the ability. I think I like this one best because it adds a lot more depth to playing Ret in both PvE and PvP. AoE raid damage happening? Do you hold onto that TV or use it now? Being focused down? Is it worth it to heal up or drop a bomb on someone?

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    Please use the already active thread here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...Eye-For-An-Eye


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