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    BM and SV - Importance of timing CDs with trinket procs

    I'm wondering what other people believe the importance of timing CDs with trinket procs is. Obviously stacking cooldowns and procs together makes sense to get the most damage out of them, but when it comes at the cost of delaying your CDs and possibly missing potential uses how should one go about doing this.

    As BM I've thought a bit and I don't see how doing it could be possible without delaying your entire rotation somewhat as we have quite a few medium length CDs that we string together. But as Survival I think it could be a lot easier, as your only real CD as survival is Rapid Fire and Stampede and you don't have to manage any 1minute cooldowns with that (aside from Synapse Springs).

    The final thing we need to ask about is is it really worth doing? Delaying cooldowns could quite possibly do more harm than good due to potentially getting less uses of cooldowns overall on the fight for what would seemingly be a small increase if you manage to pull it off perfectly.

    What do you do? Do you bother delaying cooldowns to use them with trinket/scope procs and are there certain situations/bosses where you won't do it at all.

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    The only time I do it is on the second Readiness/Stampede/Pot burn. Even then not always.

    Generally my philosophy with that 2nd big cooldown phase is to try to wait until AMoC/BW are off cooldown so I can use them then immediately Readiness/Stampede/Pot. If it looks like there's enough time before the fight ends I try to delay Readiness/Stampede/Pot for a trinket proc.

    To be honest I have no idea if anyone has theorycrafted out the optimal use of your second 5 min cooldown burn (as in I have no idea if it's better to wait for execute) but doing it the way I have been feels logical.

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    Is rapid fire even all that strong as SV? I find myself always too busy dumping free arcanes/LnL procs the whole time it's up and never even get to cast that many CS but that may be because of my level/still mostly DS gear.
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    I only ever delay CDs for that second 5m Readiness burn. With 4pc, if you time it right, you'll have AMoC going out at ~0s, ~30s, 2m30s, comes up again at 4m30s at which time you have a Readiness about 35-40s away, along with a BW in about 20s. I find by the time that BW comes up, I can BW, AMoC, do my BW dump, and Readiness on the 3rd KC to get the 4th, then just do it all over again. Hell, with 4pc, you can even get the Readiness'd AMoC in BW again.

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    It's a good question, and one that i also have been wondering about. I have been blowing all cooldowns at beginning of fight so that i can get 2 stampedes with rapidfire and pot. The 2 trinkets i use also proc right at the beginning of the fight so in my mind it seems best to blow cooldowns at the beginning. Ive been wondering if i should wait on bloodlust, or at least wait until my rotation is going before i start blowing cool downs. Any help would be appreciated, because my dps has felt so weak this expansion.

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    if a trinket is sub 5 seconds left on it's ICD, I usually wait 1 more KC CD before hitting BW.

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