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    symbiosis for a feral drood

    just wondering what you other ferals are using your symbiosis on? clearly for multi targets soul swap from a lock or redirect from a rogue would be pretty great. i find myself grabbing spirit wolves although idk how much of a dps increase it actually is. any sort of opinions would be greatly appreciated

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    Should try to use it on Warlocks, Rogues, or Warriors (Shattering Blow) I believe. But since I miraculously don't raid with any of those I usually end up grabbing the dogs myself

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    spirit wolves don't do enough dmg to even justify the GCD in most cases ^^. For Multi target clearly redirect. For single target there really is no DPS option availalbe, so most times i get bubble or dispersion. For 25 man shattering blow should be a valid option tho.

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    yeah i kinda wondered how much they actually did. just always forget to check meters..

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    The spirit wolves do about 5k damage per USAGE. Thats fairly low. Since feral's are a energy based class filled with empty globals, and I don't THINK summoning the wolves resets swing timers, it IS a dps increase to use em, but its like a 3 dps increase or something. So, yea, not so good.

    On Spirit Kings, I really love Soul Swap, swap the bleeds on the last guy to the new guy while using combo points on old guy for SR before the swap occurs. Shattering Blow is a single target damage loss, but a RAID damage increase as long as your tank isn't a paladin, even with the new change (It IS a personaly burst damage increase if applied 5 seconds before the burst window, aka if applied on Wind Lord 5 seconds before a pack of adds go down and you will be swapping to the boss (Where your only other choice is to swipe. Why swipe when Thrash will keep ticking and you can pool energy for some extra burst on the boss?)
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    Depends on the fight I sometimes use the warlock soul swap, you can use dispersion on the second boss of HOF to negate the backstab-thing, or if you want to get rid of some debuff use the paladins bubble. Most of the times I use warriors shattering throw to help the raid dps.

    Also you can give simbiosis to the tanks, they get nice defensive CDs

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    I give it to Paladins (especially in regular BGs) for bubble and they get a nice combat res as well.

    In PvE I would say Rogue or Warlock.
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    The spirit wolves do about 5k damage per USAGE.
    They do about 30k damage per use for me. Still very low.

    For Multi target clearly redirect.
    Why redirect? It has a longer cooldown that soulswap and is much much weaker.

    I often use dispersion on divine shield. It all depends on the boss. I like divine shield on sha of fear, for soaking the death blossom when SI is on cd.
    (HOWEVER I only do that if I don't have a warlock for switching bleeds between sha and adds)
    A bear form > Taunt > Dispersion is awesome for oh shit tank died moments as well. Sometimes SI, barkskin and ursoc is enough for this though. It all depends on the fight.
    I always forget to use the spirit wolves as well >< And shattering throw messes up my opener.

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