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    Elvui Vehicle Bar Question

    I've read no less than 27 pages of FAQs and forum posts, so I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered somewhere, but it's buried so deep I can't find it.

    I installed Elvui tonight and I'm loving it, but I have a problem that's going to be a deal breaker and I thought (hope!) someone here might have a quick response.

    When I enter a vehicle all of my action bars go away except for Bar 1. Bar 1 shows the vehicle functions. This works exactly as I want it to. In Farmer Fung's daily quest where you have to fly around the heartland and throw water buckets on the dust circles, for example, on button 1 of bar 1 I get the water bucket (button 2 is Return to Halfhill). I used to fly around mashing "1" on my keyboard and moving the camera and targeting the circles with my mouse. With the angry asparagus on the farm, I'd mash the "1" on my keyboard and the "2" to bite when I saw the cast bar going off. In Elvui the "1" and "2" on my keyboard don't work and I have to revert to being a button clicker. This maybe isn't SO bad on the asparagus on it sucks mightily on the dust circles.

    Can these buttons be bound somehow to "1" and "2"? Or is there some other alternative? I can't believe with as many people that use this addon that everyone is button clicking. If you have to target too your mouse is all over the place.

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    First off I'm going to ask what version of ElvUI are you using?

    Make sure if you had other actionbar addons prior to using ElvUI to disable them. Also try with ALL addons except ElvUI disabled. You either have something conflicting with it or you changed something somewhere.

    I've never had this issue with my ElvUI actionbars. If disabling everything but Elv doesn't work then you may need to reinstall. You can do this by /ec and selecting install at the top to redo the install settings.

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    Have you changed bindings in bar1?

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    Hate to necro, but this the EXACT problem I'm having.

    All bars except bar 1 disappear but it shows the actions for the vehicle. However, only the dismount (=) hotkey works and everything has to be clicked. This USED to work but for some reason doesn't now. I have updated my addons and checked the twice over but cannot find why this isn't working.

    Was a solution ever found to OP's issue?

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    It uses your keybinds from the main action bar so whatever those are is what you need to hit.

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